Follow these instructions:

To determine the extent to which teams should be built in your organization, complete the instrument below. Think of an organization in which you participate that produces a product or service. Select the approriate answer with the organization in mind.

When you are finished answering all the questions, press the button at the bottom of the exercise to tabulate your score.

Next, consult the scoring key in the Diagnosing the Need for Team Building Section of the answers page to see how the score was tabulated.

Please choose the appropriate alternative:

Choose from a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 indicating that there is little evidence for the need to build teams and 5 indicating there is a lot of evidence.

little evidence ... ... ... a lot of evidence
1 2 3 4 5
1. Production or output has declined or is lower than desired.
2. Complaints, grievances, or low morale is present.
3. Conflicts or hostility between members is present.
4. Some people are confused about assignments, or their relationships with other people are unclear.
5. Lack of clear goals and lack of commitment to goals exist.
6. Apathy or lack of interest and involvement by members is in evidence.
7. Insufficient innovation, risk taking, imagination, or intiative exists.
8. Ineffective and inefficient meetings are common.
9. Working relationships across levels and units are unsatisfactory.
10. Lack of coordination among functions is apparent
11. Poor communication exists; people are afraid to speak up; listening isn't occurring; and information isn't being shared.
12. Lack of trust exists among members and between members and senior leaders.
13. Decisions are made that some members don't understand, or with which they don't agree.
14. People feel that good work is not rewarded or that rewards are unfairly administered.
15. People are not encouraged to work together for the good of the organization.
16. Customers and suppliers are not part of organizational decision making.
17. People work too slowly and there is too much redundancy in the work being done.
18. Issues and challenges that require the input of more than one person are being faced.
19. People or units must coordinate their activities in order for the work to be accomplished.
20. Very difficult challenges that no single person can resolve and/or diagnose are being faced.

After you have answered ALL 20 questions, please press the button to tabulate your scores.
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Total Score

Interpreting Your Score

If your score is less than 30, you most likely do not need to organize and build teams in your organization. If your score is between 31-60, your organization may benefit from building teams, but it is not crucial. If your score is greater than 61, building teams can lead to definite improvement in your organization.

To see how these scores were computed, you can go to the Diagnosing the Need for Team Building Section of the answers page.

"Building Effective Teams" exercises taken from Developing Management Skills by David A. Whetton and Kim S. Cameron