"Gaining Power and Influence" exercises taken from
Developing Management Skills
by David A. Whetton and Kim S. Cameron

Follow these instructions:

Indicate, by checking the approriate item, how often you use each of the following strategies for getting others to comply with your wishes.

When you are finished answering all the questions, press the button at the bottom of the exercise to tabulate your score.

Next, consult the scoring key in the Using Influence Strategies Section of the answers page to see how the score was tabulated.

Please choose the appropriate alternative:

Choose from a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being "rarely," 3 being "sometimes," and 5 being "always."

rarely ... sometimes ... always
1 2 3 4 5
1. "If you don't comply, I'll make you regret it."
2. "If you comply, I will reward you."
3. "These facts demonstrate the merit of my position."
4. "Others in the group have agreed; what is your decision?"
5. "People you value will think better (worse) of you if you do (do not) comply."
6. "The group needs your help, so do it for the good of us all."
7. "I will stop nagging you if you comply."
8. "You owe me compliance because of past favors."
9. "This is what I need; will you help out?"
10. "If you don't act now, you'll lose this opportunity."
11. "I have moderated my initial position; now I expect you to be equally reasonable."
12. "This request is consistent with other decisions you've made."
13. "If you don't agree to help out, the consequences will be harmful to others."
14. "I'm only requesting a small commitment [now]."
15. "Compliance will enable you to reach a personally important objective."

After you have answered ALL 15 questions, please press the button to tabulate your scores.
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Total Score
Total Score
Total Score

Primary influence strategy: (highest score)

Secondary influence strategy: (second highest score)

To see how these scores were computed, you can go to Using Influence Strategies Section of the answers page.