My academic work resides primarily in the field of Strategic Human Capital. Thematically, I am deeply interested in the area of Business and Society. This area includes corporate social responsibility and non-market strategy, but more broadly encompasses the private-public interaction of business and society and ethical issues. Thus, much of my work, and most of my new work, is at the nexus between Strategic Human Capital and social issues.


Published Research:


1.        Corporate Governance and Executive Compensation for Corporate Social Responsibility” (with Bryan Hong and Frank Li) Journal of Business Ethics, 136(1), 2016


2.The Organization of Non-market StrategyAdvances in Strategic Management, Volume 34 on Strategy Beyond Markets, 2016


3. Selecting the Best? Spillover and Shadows in Elimination Tournaments” (with Jen Brown) Management Science, Vol 60(12), 2014 [featured in the Wall Street Journal]


4. “From Netscape to eHarmony: The High Risks and Big Rewards of Platform MarketsStrategy + Business, Issue 73, Winter 2013


5.  Competing Matchmakers: An Experimental Analysis” (with Tanjim Hossain and John Morgan) Management Science, Vol 57(11), November, 2011


6. CSR as Reputation Insurance: Primum Non Nocere  (with John Morgan) California Management Review, Vol 53(3), Spring, 2011 [Finalist for the 2012 CMR's Best Article Award]



Working Papers:


7. The Value of Corporate Citizenship: Protection” [invited 2nd Resubmit: Journal of Economics and Management Strategy]


8. “Do People Who Care About Others Cooperate More? Experimental Evidence from Relative Incentive Pay” (with Pablo Hernandez and Dana Sisak) [invited 2nd  Resubmit: Experimental Economics]


9. “Choosing to be ‘Good’: How managers determine their impact on financial and social performance” (with Bryan Hong) [Invited Resubmit: Journal of Economics and Management Strategy]


10. “Misconduct in Financial Services: Differences across Organizational Forms” (with Jen Brown) [Invited Resubmit: Journal of Economics and Management Strategy]


11. “Executive Compensation and Misconduct: Environmental Harm” [best paper award, Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability Conference (2016)

Managerial version at


12. “Toxic Workers” (with Michael Housman) [finalist for best paper, Wharton People Analytics Conference (2015), Wharton]


13. “Workplace Design: The Good, The Bad, and The Productive” (with Michael Housman) [2nd Prize, Wharton People Analytics Conference (2016), Wharton]


14. Political Identity and Trust” (with Pablo Hernandez) [Resubmit: Journal of Public Economics]


Research in Progress


15. “Toxic Workers and the Big 5” (with Adam Waytz)


16. “Hiring (Past) Criminals” (with Nicola Persico and Deborah Weiss)


17. “Contracting on Social Performance: Antecedents and Consequences” (with Caroline Flammer and Bryan Hong)


18. Toxic Doctors