Professor Janice Eberly

John L. and Helen Kellogg Distinguished Professor of Finance

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How Q and Cash Flow Affect Investment without Frictions: An Analytic Explanation - [Abstract]

Review of Economic Studies (forthcoming), joint with Andrew Abel, August 2008, revised October 2010

Optimal Inattention to the Stock Market with Information Costs and Transactions Costs -[Abstract]

Joint with Andrew B. Abel and Stavros Panageas, May 2007, NBER working paper #15010, current version August 2010

Reallocating and Pricing Illiquid Capital: Two Productive Trees - [Abstract]

Joint with Neng Wang, May 2009. Revised Nov 2010

Capital Reallocation and Growth - [Abstract]

American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, Vol. 99, No. 2 (May 2009), pp. 560-566, with Neng Wang

Investment and Value: A Neoclassical Benchmark - [Abstract]

Joint with Sergio Rebelo and Nicolas Vincent, July 2006. NBER working paper #13866, March 2009

Irreversible Investment - [Abstract]

New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, edited by Durlauf, S. and Blume, L. Palgrave McMillian, Second Edition 2008

Optimal Inattention to the Stock Market
- [Abstract]

American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, Vol. 97, No. 2 (May 2007), pp. 244-249, with Andrew B. Abel and Stavros Panageas

Investment, Valuation, and Growth Options - [Abstract]

Joint with Andrew Abel, June 2003. Revised version October 2005

Q for the long run
- [Abstract]

Joint with Andrew Abel, February 2002. Revised version July 2002

Investment and q With Fixed Costs: An Empirical Analysis
- [Abstract]

Joint with Andrew Abel, January 2002

The Effects of Irreversibility and Uncertainty on Capital Accumulation
- [Abstract]

Journal of Monetary Economics 44:3, December 1999, pp. 339-377, with Andrew B. Abel

The Mix and Scale of Factors with Irreversibility and Fixed Costs of Investment - [Abstract]

Carnegie-Rochester Conference Series on Public Policy 48, October 1998, pp. 101-135, with Andrew B. Abel

An Exact Solution for the Investment and Market Value of a Firm Facing Uncertainty, Adjustment Costs, and Irreversibility - [Abstract]

Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 21, August 1997, pp. 831-852, with Andrew B. Abel.

Multi-factor Dynamic Investment Under Uncertainty
- [Abstract]

Journal of Economic Theory 75(2), August 1997, pp. 345-387, with Jan van Mieghem.

International Evidence on Investment and Fundamentals - [Abstract]

European Economic Review 41, 1997, pp. 1055-1078.

Optimal Investment with Costly Reversibility
- [Abstract]

The Review of Economic Studies, Vol. 63, No. 4. (Oct., 1996), pp. 581-593, with Andrew B. Abel.

Options, the Value of Capital, and Investment - [Abstract]

Quarterly Journal of Economics 111(3), August 1996, pp. 753-777, with Andrew B. Abel, Avinash K. Dixit, and Robert S. Pindyck.

Unified Model of Investment Under Uncertainty - [Abstract]

The American Economic Review, Vol. 84, No. 5. (Dec., 1994), pp. 1369-1384, with Andrew B. Abel. Reprinted in Kevin D. Hoover, Ed.,
The Economic Legacy of Robert Lucas, Jr., Edward Elgar Publishing, U.S. publication October 1999.

Adjustment of Consumers' Durables Stocks: Evidence from Automobile Purchases - [Abstract]

The Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 102, No. 3. (Jun., 1994), pp. 403-436.