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David Dranove

Walter McNerney Professor of Health Industry Management
Professor of Management and Strategy

Leverone 622
Ph: 847-491-8682
Fax: 847-467-1777

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Representative Publications

"Demand Inducement and the Physician/Patient Relationship," Economic Inquiry (April, 1988).

"Pricing by Non-Profit Institutions: The Case of Hospital Cost Shifting,"Journal of Health Economics (Spring, 1988).

"Medicaid Drug Formulary Restrictions," Journal of Law and Economics (April 1989).

"Is Hospital Competition Wasteful?" (with Mark Shanley and Carol Simon),RAND Journal of Economics (Summer 1992).

"Monopolistic Competition When Price and Quality are Not Perfectly Observable" (with Mark Satterthwaite), RAND Journal of Economics (Winter 1992).

"Physician-Induced Demand for Childbirths" (with Paul Wehner), Journal of Health Economics (Winter 1994).

"Recent Theory and Evidence on Hospital Competition" (with Will White), Journal of Economics and Management Strategy (Spring 1994).

"Do Important Drugs Reach the Market Sooner?" (with David Meltzer), RAND Journal of Economics (Autumn 1994).

"Cost Reduction Versus Reputation Enhancement as Motives for Mergers: The Logic of Multihospital Systems" (with Mark Shanley), Strategic Management Journal (1995).

"Economies of Scale in Non-revenue Producing Cost Centers in Hospitals", Journal of Health Economics (1997).

"Medicaid-dependent Hospitals and Their Patients: How Have They Fared?" (with Will White)Health Services Research (1999).

"Exploiting a Cost Advantage and Coping with a Cost Disadvantage" (with David Besanko and Mark Shanley) Management Science (2001).

“Antitrust Policy and Hospital Mergers: Recommendations for a New Approach” (with Cory Capps, Shane Greenstein, and Mark Satterthwaite) Antitrust Bulletin (Winter 2002)

“Is More Information Better? The Effects of Report Cards on Cardiovascular Providers and
Consumers” (with M. Satterthwaite, D. Kessler, and M. McClellan) Journal of Political Economy (June 2003)

Hospital Consolidation and Costs: Another Look at the Evidence” (with R. Lindrooth) Journal of Health Economics (November 2003)

“Competition and Market Power in Option Demand Markets” (with Cory Capps and Mark Satterthwaite) RAND Journal of Economics, (December 2003)

“Differentiation and Competition in HMO Markets” (with Anne Gron and Michael Mazzeo) Journal of Industrial Economics, (December 2003)

“The Effect of Physician-Hospital Affiliations on Hospital Prices in California” (with Federico Ciliberto,) Journal of Health Economics (January 2006)

“Medical Bankrutpcy: Myth versus Fact” (with M. Millenson) Health Affairs (Feb 2006)

“Is the Impact of Managed Care on Hospital Prices Decreasing?” 2008 (with Richard Lindrooth and William White; Journal of Health Economics (forthcoming)

“Start Spreading the News: A Structural Estimate of the Effects of New York Hospital Report Cards,” (with Andrew Sfekas; Journal of Health Economics (forthcoming)

“Do Report Cards Tell Consumers Anything They Don’t Already Know? The Case of Medicare HMOs”, (with Leemore Dafny) RAND Journal of Economics (forthcoming)



The Economics of Strategy (with David Besanko and Mark Shanley), Wiley (1996, 2000, 2004, 2007).

How Hospitals Survived (with Will White) American Enterprise Institute Press (1999).

The Economic Evolution of American Health Care: From Marcus Welby to Managed Care Princeton University Press (2000).

What's Your Life Worth? Prentice Hall (2003)

Kellogg on Strategy (with Sonia Marciano), Wiley (2005)

Code Red, Princeton University Press (2008)

Research Prizes

1993 John D. Thompson Prize in Health Services Research. The Thompson Prize, awarded by the Association
of University Programs in Health Administration, recognizes outstanding contributions to health services research
by an individual uder the age of 40.

1993 American Academy of Medical Administrators Faculty Publication of the Year

1996 American Academy of Medical Administrators Faculty Publication of the Year

1998 National Institute for Health Care Management Health Care Research Award

1999 Association for Health Services Research Article of the Year

1999 American Academy of Medical Administrators Faculty Publication of the Year

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