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Global Pharmacoeconomic Guidelines

David Dranove
Walter McNerney Distinguised Professor of Health Industry Management
Professor of Management and Strategy
Director, Center for Health Industry Market Economics

Leverone 608
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Fall 2008
Mgmt 444, Health Care Economics

Term: Fall 2008
Course: 0112-444-0
Title: Health Care Economics
Time and Place: Monday Nights, 6:30-9:30pm, Jacobs Center Room 160 (Review sessions begin at 6pm in Room 160)


Final Exam

Course Materials:

Course Outline (updated 8/12/2008)

Homework Problems

Homework Solutions

California Hospital Data 1996

California Hospital Data 1997

Guide to California Utilization Variables

Link to Diagnosis Related Group Coding:

Link to ICD-Coding:


Lecture Notes, Web Links, and Exam Schedule

(Note: Lecture notes may be slightly updated 48 hours prior to class)

Week 1: Technological Change

Dranove/Kyle Paper
CBO Paper

Week 1: Value Based Health Care
Gary Becker Article on Value of Life (Introduction)
National Institute for Clinical Excellence Home Page
Is American Healthcare Uniquely Inefficient?

Week 2: Cost Effectiveness
Global Pharmacoeconomic Guidelines
Gardasil QALY example

Week 2: History of the U.S. Healthcare System

Week 3: Insurance
Kaiser Employer Health Benefits Survey

Week 3: Insurance Market Spillovers
Symposium on Insurance Crowd Out :

Week 4: Demand
Charity Care Report
Gruber Paper on RAND Experiment

Week 5: Inefficiencies and Solutions

Week 6: In-class Midterm

Week 6: National Health Policy
Obama National Health Plan
McCain on Health Care

Week 7: Managed Care

Week 7: Quality
Leapfrog Hospital Report Card
Medicare Hospital Report Card
Synthesis Project: Role of Quality Information in Choosing a Health Provider

Week 8: Competition, Integration, and Antitrust
DOJ/FTC Report on Healthcare Competition
AMA Report on Insurance Concentration

Week 9: Pricing
Tynan/Christianson Report on CDHP
CBO Report on Consumer Directed Health Plans

Week 10: Medical Malpractice

Week 10: Wild Card

Take-home Final: To be posted 12/3/2008; due 12/8/2008.

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