Anne T. Coughlan

J.L. & Helen Kellogg Professor of Marketing

Kellogg School of Management

Northwestern University

2001 Sheridan Road

Evanston, IL 60208-2008

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(847)491-2719, (847)491-3522


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CASES WRITTEN   (visit the Kellogg Case Publishing page by clicking here)


1.      CEMEX: Targeting the Low-End Housing Market in Mexico, 2008. This case adapts a Harvard Business School case on CEMEX, the Mexican cement manufacturer, as it considers how best to build an appropriate route to market to serve the poorest market segment of homebuilders.


2.      Guarantee Mutual, 2005.  This case concerns an insurance company facing the problem of how to effectively manage its channel relationships and allocate channel functions among itself (the insurance carrier), its sales force, and its independent brokers.  The company is refocusing its product line toward non-medical employee benefit plans.


3.      Mary Kay Corporation, 2004.  This case deals with the company’s decision about how to incorporate the Internet into its business, which historically has relied solely on Mary Kay “Beauty Consultants” to direct-sell to end consumers.


4.      Michaels Craft Stores, 2004.  This case profiles the channel management challenges facing the largest and fastest-growing retail craft chain in the world as it seeks to build greater efficiency with its craft suppliers.  Combines focus on channel efficiency/design and channel conflict management.


5.      Invisalign, 2004.  This is a case about a new technology for straightening teeth (a substitute for metal braces) and the distribution channel issues facing the firm.  Focus:  identifying and closing gaps in channel design.


6.      Verklar Austria, 1995, revised 2004.  This case deals with both channel design and channel coordination issues in a multinational European firm that makes roof windows.


7.      West Bend Company, 1992.  This case describes the foreign market (Japan) entry decision of an American manufacturer of light consumer appliances.


8.      Lands' End Direct Marketers, 1992.  This case concerns a U.S. mail-order firm's decisions about how to enter the European market and with what level of investment and control.


9.      CIGNA Corporation (revised, 1992).  This is a Harvard case for which I supervised Jonathan Hibbard in the revision for use in my International Distribution Channels course.  Revision is now incorporated in the Harvard case book.