SEEK 460 Values-Based Leadership

Course description:

The first issue a leader in the role of manager, entrepreneur, investor or stakeholder must address about an organization concerns its "value proposition." And when dealing with the issue, leaders need to consider the wider impact of the organization's actions on its own employees and on society. This course focuses on the problem of incorporating a wide variety of value perspectives into decision-making. Values-based leadership involves the ability to take the disparate value propositions of various stakeholders and integrate them into a coherent vision. We explore how recognizing and incorporating competing values claims throughout the organization is often facilitated and hindered by a number of psychological, organizational, and cultural processes. The course will help students understand the variety of underlying mechanisms managers of organizations typically have at their disposal to succeed at implementing values objectives and selecting among different approaches, while anticipating the constraints placed on choice by the organization's market and non-market environment.


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