Nabil Al-Najjar, Northwestern University

Published and Forthcoming Papers

Learning and Long-Run Fundamentals in Stationary Environments

with Eran Shmaya. First draft, 2012.


A Bayesian Framework for Precautionary Policies

Forthcoming, Journal of Legal Studies.

Paper prepared for a law conference. Its style has in mind a general audience of legal scholars, climate scientists, and practitioners interested in Knightian Uncertainty.

Link to paper, Slides summarize this paper and other ideas on modeling Knightian Uncertainty.

Choice unde Aggregate Uncertainty

with Luciano Pomatto. Theory and Decision.

Downloads: Link to paper, slides.

Uncertainty and Disagreement in Equilibrium Models

with Eran Shmaya. Journal of Political Economy.

Link to paper, slides.

Claim Validation

with Luciano Pomatto and Alvaro Sandroni. American Economic Review.

Former title “Economic Model of Induction.”

Downloads: Paper

Merging and Testing of Opinions

with Luciano Pomatto and Alvaro Sandroni. Annals of Statistics, 2014.

Link to paper.

A Bayesian Model of Knightian Uncertainty

with Jonathan Weinstein. Theory and Decision, 2015.

Link to paper, slides

Coarse Decision Making and Overfitting

with Mallesh Pai. Journal of Economic Theory, 2014.

Link to paper, slides

Parametric Representation of Preferences

with Luciano de Castro. Journal of Economic Theory, 2014.

Link to paper

Short note:
Observability and Second Order ‘Acts’ explains in greater detail why the so-called second-order ‘acts’ do not make sense. This issue is discussed only briefly in the published paper above.

A Difficulty with the Testing of Strategic Experts

with A. Sandroni. Mathematical Social Sciences, 2013.

Link to paper

Subjective Probability

with Luciano de Castro. The Wiley Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science, 2011.

Link to paper

Testing Theories with Learnable and Predictive Representations

with Alvaro Sandroni, Rann Smorodinsky, and Jonathan Weinstein. Journal of Economic Theory, 2010.

Link to paper, slides.

Decision Makers as Statisticians: Diversity, Ambiguity, and Learning

Econometrica, 2009.

Link to paper.

The Ambiguity Aversion Literature: A Critical Assessment

with Jonathan Weinstein. Economics and Philosophy, 2009.
(lead paper in a special issue on ambiguity with replies and rejoinder).

Links to paper, slides.

Large Games and the Law of Large Numbers

Games and Economic Behavior, 2009.

Link to paper, slides.

Market Forces Meet Behavioral Biases: Cost Mis-allocation and Irrational Pricing

with S. Baliga and D. Besanko. RAND Journal of Economics, 2008.

Link to paper, slides.

Comparative Testing of Experts

with Jonathan Weinstein. Econometrica, 2008.

Link to paper, Jonathan’s slides, my slides

Finitely Additive Representation of Lp Spaces

Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 2008.

Link to paper, slides .

The Efficiency of Competitive Mechanisms under Private Information

with Rann Smorodinsky.
Journal of Economic Theory, 2007.

Link to paper, slides.

Undescribable Events

with Luca Anderlini and Leonardo Felli.
Review of Economic Studies, 2006.

Link to paper.

Aggregation and the Law of Large Numbers in Large Economies

Games and Economic Behavior, 2004.

Link to paper.

Probabilistic Representation of Complexity

with Ramon Casadesus-Masanell and Emre Ozdenoren. Journal of Economic Theory, 2003.

Link to paper.

Large Non-Anonymous Games

with Rann Smorodinsky. Journal of Economic Theory, 2001.

Link to paper.

A Reputational Model of Authority

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2001.

Link to paper.

Pivotal Players and the Characterization of Influence

with Rann Smorodinsky. Journal of Economic Theory, 2000.

Link to paper.

Provision of Public Goods with Bounded Project Cost

with Rann Smorodinsky. Economic Letters, 2000.

Link to paper.

For papers published prior to 2000, see my vita.