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Five students and five alumni, including (from left) Laura Kimes and Marvin Smith, both '15, and Paul Cheng '03, were named 2015 Youn Impact Scholars.

2015 Youn Impact Scholars

Kellogg announces 2015 Youn Impact Scholars

First two classes to meet this year to discuss opportunities for social change

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Illinois exchange on 3 additional insurers' radar for 2015

08/21/14 – Chicago Tribune
Quotes Professor Leemore Dafny, who said that plans like the ones that IlliniCare will offer "are going to play heavily at the low end of the market, and frankly, that's where most people have been buying plans nationwide.”

Ice Bucket Challenge heats up fundraising in the suburbs

08/19/14 – Daily Herald
Quotes Liz Livingston Howard, Kellogg’s director of nonprofit executive education, who said that the Ice Bucket Challenge creates “a dialogue that gets people to ask questions.”

Millennial Recruitment and Impact Investing

08/19/14 – Huffington Post

Article lists b-schools that offer courses on social enterprise, impact investing or sustainability, including HBS, Wharton, Kellogg, Booth, Stern, Stanford, Columbia and Ross. Also mentions Kellogg’s Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge.

Nearly 1 in 6 Blue Cross patients in Illinois to be assigned to new managed care groups

08/05/14 – Crain’s Chicago Business
Quotes Professor Leemore Dafny, who said that Blue Cross wants “to contract with organizations that can bear the risk and appear likely to deliver better care as a result.”

Studies: Thank the recession for the health spending slowdown

08/04/14 – The Washington Post Wonkblog

Article reports on research by Professors David Dranove and Craig Garthwaite that found that the slumping economy accounted for 70 percent of the slowdown in health care spending from 2008-2011.  Also covered by Business Insider.

Each of these Hepatitis C pills cost $1,000. That's actually a great deal.

07/16/14 – Vox
Quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite, who said that pharmaceutical companies often are criticized when such important drugs are expensive, but “this is an actual innovation, and that is something that they should get a reward for.”

In ACO era, physicians will still play a leading—but changing—role

07/12/14 – Modern Healthcare
Article written by Professor David Dranove reflecting on "The Future of the Physician," which was the theme of the 2014 MacEachern Symposium.

Revving Our Engines: 10 Lessons From Launching an Impact Accelerator

06/24/14 – Huffington Post
Article by Professor Jamie Jones offers advice based on her experience founding Impact Engine, an accelerator program that supports for-profit businesses with an integrated societal or environmental mission.

We think our enemies are idiots, and that’s a problem

06/16/14 – The Washington Post
Article by Professor Adam Waytz explains how the “lesser minds problem” may be to blame for the lack of compromise between political opponents.

Ardis Dee Hoven

Navigating health care under the ACA

06/06/14 – Speakers and panelists chart a path at this year’s MacEachern Symposium

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Why It's Good That Disney Is Giving Away a Fortune

05/27/14 – The Motley Fool
Article cites Kellogg research, which found that companies whose spending on corporate and social responsibility programs exceeds investor expectations tend to enjoy positive stock returns.

Non-profit uses crowdfunding to launch a preschool

05/13/14 – WBEZ
Quotes Professor Liz Howard, who said, “This particular online initiative enables you to spread the word farther and gain donors and stakeholders from a broader, more diverse geographic area.”

Andrew Youn '06

Meet Kellogg’s first Youn Impact Scholars

05/05/14 – Recipients of the new honor will use business to drive social change

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A Corporate Crisis is an Opportunity, Says Reputation Expert

04/21/14 – The Wall Street Journal

Daniel Diermeier talks to Risk & Compliance Journal about the changing environment companies face when responding to a crisis.

GM, Comcast hearings struggle selling stories

04/13/14 – Chicago Tribune
Column questions the efficacy of congressional hearings after a senator used the Comcast hearing to ask if he should switch back to cable. Quotes Professor Daniel Diermeier, saying, "This has become so commonplace now that it's become one of the situations that (top executives and other witnesses) need to be prepared for…"

Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge winners

Greening brownfields

04/11/14 – Kellogg Part-Time students win Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge with environmental plan

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Aspen conference

Diermeier named Guggenheim Fellow

04/10/14 – Reputation expert Daniel Diermeier was named to the yearly list of worldwide thought leaders

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Safety rankings: should hospitals care?

03/31/14 – HealthCare Finance News
Professor Joel Shalowitz explains why hospitals shouldn’t worry about rankings, saying, “As far as individuals are concerned, publishing these report cards does not seem to make a lot of difference in their choice of which hospital to go to. There have been a number of studies over several decades that demonstrate this.”

Rural residents confront higher health care costs

03/30/14 – CNBC
Article reports that the cost of health care is more expensive in rural areas, and quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite as saying, “Insurers have fewer levers to adjust premium pricing and the health care law makes it easier for rural health insurance shoppers to see what city residents are paying."

The Esquire Guy on Handling a PR Crisis With Style

03/29/14 – Entrepreneur
Article discusses best practices in handling a crisis, quoting Professor Daniel Diermeier.