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Former Secretary of the Treasury Larry Summers in conversation with Prof. Janice Eberly

Lawrence Summers

Larry Summers delivers the Susan Bies Lecture on Economics and Public Policy

The former Secretary of the Treasury spoke with Kellogg’s Janice Eberly

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Health Insurer Cigna To Pay $67 Billion For Express Scripts

03/08/18 – NPR
Article quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite on the potential Cigna acquisition of Express Scripts, saying the acquisition could be good for customers in health care because the interests of the companies that pay for medications will be aligned with the ones who pay the doctor and hospital bills. Also covered in The New York Times and WABE.

Why Apple, Amazon, and Google are making big health care moves

03/06/18 – Vox
Article quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite on the potential motivations of large tech companies to enter the health care industry.

Dick’s decision to ban assault-style weapons raises this ‘critical’ question

03/01/18 –
Article by Professor Megan Kashner discusses Dick’s Sporting Goods and its recent announcement that it will no longer sell assault rifles and high-capacity magazines. Also quoted in Financial Times on this topic.

White House Remains Conflicted in its Trade Agenda

02/28/18 – Forbes
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy discusses the conflicting voices that have defined the Trump administration's trade policy.

The Power of Religion

02/28/18 – New York Times
Article cites Professor Dean Karlan’s research on whether religious faith leads to healthy behaviors. Karlan said the findings were cautiously positive for the power of religion. Karlan’s research was also covered in The Economist.

Commerce Dept. Sees Strong Link Between Steel And National Security; Military Doesn’t Seem so Sure

02/27/18 – Forbes
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy analyzes the differing opinions of the Department of Commerce and Department of Defense on the importance of steel production for national security.

Trump economic report is revisionist history

02/23/18 – The Hill
Article by Visiting Professor Ben Harris looks back at how Barack Obama dealt with the struggling economy he inherited, setting up the stable and blossoming economy that President Trump was handed.

FDA Opens New Path for Alzheimer’s Therapy as Failures Mount

02/15/18 – Bloomberg
Article quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite on the implications for health insurers and the government that come with an increased pressure to pay for new treatments for Alzheimer’s disease. Also covered in the Chicago Tribune.

Philadelphia makes an economic case for safe injection sites

02/15/18 – Marketplace
Article explains how Philadelphia is inviting private organizations to operate safe injection sites in the city, quoting Professor Craig Garthwaite on how some sites could need housing and injection services for years, which could wipe out savings. “Even if we don’t save money, but we have fewer people dying, it doesn’t just need to show up in cost savings, it can show up in increased longevity and fewer people passing away.”

A Closer Look at Trump’s Proposed Medicare, Medicaid Cuts

02/13/18 – WTTW
Article quotes Professor Amanda Starc on the potential implications of Medicaid cuts. Starc said she disagrees that the cuts will be good for the program and that it will cost states more to enforce the work requirements than it’ll save from the cuts.

B-School Bulletin

02/10/18 – Poets & Quants
Article highlights insights from Professor Sarit Markovich on the issues that surround cryptocurrencies. Article also highlights as the NEST project, which Professor Kara Palamountain is a member of, and how the project recently won $15 million to help even preventable newborn deaths in Africa.

How Many More Jobs Would There Be Without the Trade Deficit?

02/07/18 – Forbes
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy examines the potential implications associated with a reduced trade deficit. Levy examines the common fallacy that reducing the trade deficit would actually lead to more jobs.

How do your Financial Adviser’s Fees Compares? Good Luck Figuring it Out

02/07/18 – The Wall Street Journal
Article by Visiting Professor Ben Harris discusses how to evaluate if you are getting a good value with your financial adviser. Harris highlights the difficulty in obtaining industry information on the different rates advisers charge.

Bezos, Buffett and Dimon can’t solve health care’s ills

01/31/18 – Crain’s Chicago Business
Article by Professor Harry Kraemer argues the new partnership formed by Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan Chase will run into difficulty trying to fix the $3.3 trillion U.S. health care industry.

President Trump's Remarkably Tame Take On Trade

01/31/18 – Forbes
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy analyzes President Trump’s opinion on trade during his State of Union address. Levy said it is interesting that Trump did not mention NAFTA, the trade deal with South Korea, nor the Trans-Pacific Partnership in the address.

Can Amazon and Friends Handle Health Care? There’s Reason for Doubt

01/30/18 – New York Times
Article examining the plan for JPMorgan Chase, Berkshire Hathaway and Amazon to join forces to create a health care company, quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite, who said “It’s not going to transform the economy unless they then share all of those ideas and best practices with their competitors. That would not be good for long-term shareholder value for their firms.” Also covered in Vox and

President Trump Makes His Pitch At Davos

01/27/18 – Forbes
Article by Adjunct Professor Phil Levy analyzes President Trump’s speech in Davos, where he said the United States is open for business at attractive prices.

Debt payments, Icelandic adventures, car repairs: How area workers are spending their tax cut bonuses

01/26/18 – Chicago Tribune
Article quotes Professor Ben Harris on corporations’ likely underlying motivations that accompany tax cuts. Harris said the tax cuts will help corporations with finding and keeping workers in a tight labor market.

Health-Care Costs Rose for Americans with Employer-Sponsored Insurance

01/23/18 – The Wall Street Journal
Article quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite, who said the Health Care Cost Institute did not account for inflation when making its report about increased inpatient spending. Garthwaite argues the increases would be smaller if the report used inflation-adjusted prices.

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