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Fresh Coast Capital, made of students from Kellogg's Part-Time Program, won first place at the Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge. From left, Nathen Holub '14, Nicole Chavas '15, Laura Brenner Kimes '15 and April Mendez '16.

Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge winners

Greening brownfields

Kellogg Part-Time students win Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge with environmental plan

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Aspen conference

Diermeier named Guggenheim Fellow

04/10/14 – Reputation expert Daniel Diermeier was named to the yearly list of worldwide thought leaders

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Safety rankings: should hospitals care?

03/31/14 – HealthCare Finance News
Professor Joel Shalowitz explains why hospitals shouldn’t worry about rankings, saying, “As far as individuals are concerned, publishing these report cards does not seem to make a lot of difference in their choice of which hospital to go to. There have been a number of studies over several decades that demonstrate this.”

Rural residents confront higher health care costs

03/30/14 – CNBC
Article reports that the cost of health care is more expensive in rural areas, and quotes Professor Craig Garthwaite as saying, “Insurers have fewer levers to adjust premium pricing and the health care law makes it easier for rural health insurance shoppers to see what city residents are paying."

Paige Ponder

Community investment

03/25/14 – One Million Degrees CEO Paige Ponder ’02 advances a new way to support community college students

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Business Leadership, Governance, and a Victory for Adam Smith

03/11/14 – Huffington Post
Bylined article by Professor Daniel Diermeier shares insights from “Filling the Governance Gap: Aligning Enterprise and Advocacy,” a conference co-hosted by Kellogg and the Aspen Institute.

Aspen conference

5 things companies need to know to avoid a "near-death" experience

03/04/14 – Experts at the Kellogg-Aspen conference share how to go from activist target to change agent

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EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: A view from Europe on corporate accountability

03/04/14 – Reuters’
Article is by Caroline Kaeb from the 2014 Kellogg School of Management/Aspen Institute Business and Society Leadership Summit and she discuss the difficulty corporations face when operating across many countries while trying to uphold corporate social responsibility.

Partners’ deal stirs debate on controlling costs

02/23/14 – Boston Globe
Professor Leemore Dafny explains how hospital mergers in the past have created price increases without the increase of efficiency or quality of care.

Health Reform Law Drove Hazelden-Betty Ford Merger

02/23/14 – Star Tribune
Reports on the merger of the two addiction treatment giants and quotes Professor Leemore Dafny.

Highmark aims for more Pennsylvania clout with Blues deal

02/18/14 – Modern Healthcare
Article covers how Highmark might broaden its reach in in Pennsylvania and quotes Professor Leemore Dafny. Please note: The full article requires a login.

Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge

01/15/14 – Trader Planet
Reports on the Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge and how they have teamed up with Kellogg and INSEAD, for a competition to create market-based solutions for economic, social and environmental problems.

Affordable Care Act roundup

Taking Obamacare's vitals

12/16/13 – Kellogg thought leaders help the public and press understand the Affordable Care Act

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Making a Difference with HIV Treatments in Nigeria

Reports on programs Northwestern has set up to develop HIV/AIDS testing and treatment products in Nigeria

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper

Brewhaus to statehouse

10/22/13 – Colorado governor and former brewpub owner John Hickenlooper talks business and government at Kellogg

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Government shutdown

Kellogg on the shutdown

10/07/13 – Kellogg professors Daniel Diermeier, David Besanko and Russell Walker talk government, business and game theory on shutting down the shutdown

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Barilla in Hot Water Offers a Lesson in Reputation Management

10/07/13 – BusinessWeek
An article by Professor Daniel Diermeier on the recent statements from Barilla Pasta’s CEO.

How a Game Theorist Would Solve the Shutdown Showdown

10/04/13 – Washington Post
Reports on the current shutdown situation with a Q&A with Professor Daniel Diermeier.

For boycott, time is needed

09/30/13 – The Phnom Penh Post
Article discusses political demonstrations and boycotts related to July’s elections in Cambodia. Professor Daniel Diermeier comments on what makes a boycott successful, saying it depends on how strongly people feel about the issue.

Husband-and-wife team of Susan Edwards '10 (left) and Varsay Sirleaf '10 work on bringing investment opportunities to Africa.

Returning to Africa

08/14/13 – With wife at his side, Varsay Sirleaf '10 invests in his homeland

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Bradley Scott Schneider is the U.S. Representative for Illinois's 10th congressional district

Climbing the Hill

07/29/13 – Rep. Brad Schneider '88 wants to take the partisanship out of politics

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