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The Trust Project at Northwestern University brings decades of research about this complex concept into the hands and heads of academics and business leaders alike.

The Trust Project at Northwestern University

Kellogg, Northwestern launch groundbreaking Trust Project

Results produce cross-disciplinary perspectives on the nature and understanding of trust

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The Kellogg School of Management named nine students to the 2015-16 cohort of Zell Fellows, a program designed to help students develop market-ready businesses by graduation.

Kellogg announces 2015-16 Zell Fellows

12/04/15 – Program provides resources and mentorship to aspiring entrepreneurs

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Kellogg alumni and student turn polluted brownfields into profitable farms

Fresh Coast Capital brings green to the Rust Belt

12/01/15 – Kellogg alumni and student turn polluted brownfields into profitable farms

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The Kellogg Education Technology Incubator held its third annual pitch competition.

Bringing students together... with an app

11/23/15 – Third annual KETI competition focuses on improving the Kellogg experience

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Patience has been a virtue for Peter Simmie '75, who founded a successful business in his 60s

Start Me Up: Peter Simmie ’75

11/18/15 – Patience has been a virtue for Peter Simmie, who founded a successful business in his 60s

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What Entrepreneurs Get Wrong About Funding

11/14/15 – Fortune
Professor Linda Darragh writes that when choosing where to locate a startup for funding, incubators and expertise, the default answer should not be Silicon Valley, but "where's my customer?"

Kellogg on Growth Forum

Kellogg hosts inaugural growth forum

11/10/15 – First-ever Kellogg on Growth Forum brings together faculty, students and business leaders to discuss ways to inspire growth

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Here's what a hackathon can't do for your startup

11/10/15 – Crain’s Chicago Business
Article written by Professor Linda Darragh discusses the limited benefits of hackathons, saying that ultimately the investment of time is what puts companies on a faster track to success.

Startups Cater To Muslim Millennials With Dating Apps And Vegan Halal Soap

10/27/15 – NPR
Professor Benjamin Jones is interviewed in this piece on the wave of new startups geared towards tech-savvy Muslim consumers.

Scott Mandell '01 followed his father’s advice — and Oprah Winfrey’s — in starting allergen-free snack food company Enjoy Life Foods

Start Me Up: Scott Mandell ’01

10/21/15 – Scott Mandell followed his father’s advice — and Oprah Winfrey’s — in starting allergen-free snack food company Enjoy Life Foods

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The B-To-B CMO: The Time Has Come

10/07/15 – Forbes
Article by Professor Robert Wolcott reports that 35 percent of Fortune 500 B2B companies now have a corporate-level CMO and previews the CMO Charter, developed with Professor Mohan Sawhney, which is a framework to bring clarity and structure to this rapidly evolving role

Pat Ryan '97

Start Me Up: Pat Ryan ’97

10/05/15 – Finding success with his first two startups, Pat Ryan sets his sights on No. 3

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Connected Cars Rev Up For A Revolution

10/01/15 – Forbes
Article reports that Professor Robert Wolcott spoke at the Frankfurt International Motor Show about “a new industrial revolution” whose impact would be “on a par with that of the railroads in the 19th century.”

Inspiring The Corporate Entrepreneur

09/29/15 – Forbes
Article by Professors Carter Cast and David Schonthal argues that seeking out entrepreneurs is better than training people to be "intrapreneurial" in a company's status quo, and gives three examples of how corporate entrepreneurship can be encouraged.

U of I, Kellogg and Booth are tops for bankable entrepreneurs

09/28/15 – Crain's Chicago Business
Article reports that Kellogg ranked 5th among MBA programs in producing venture-backed entrepreneurs, according to PitchBook. Kellogg produced 211 entrepreneurs, who started 194 companies that raised $2.3 billion. Ranking also reported in Poets & Quants.

Mike Sands '96

Start Me Up: Mike Sands ’96

09/18/15 – A change in company name — and direction — helped Mike Sands grow rapidly and win an EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award

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For Biggest Results, Focus On The Struggle

09/10/15 – Inc.
This article written by Professor David Schonthal focuses on how to tackle business struggles in a way that breeds innovation.

Why accelerators are getting hotter than B school

09/09/15 – CNBC
This article takes a look at increasingly popular accelerator programs and quotes Professor Linda Darragh on Kellogg's Zell Scholars program, which gives $10K in seed funding to 10 MBA candidates each year.

Diana Goodwin

Start Me Up: Diana Goodwin '11

09/03/15 – A love of swimming and a desire to start her own business led Diana Goodwin to launch AquaMobile, which provides at-home swimming lessons to customers

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Could ‘Growth’ Become A New Business School Discipline?

09/03/15 – Poets & Quants
This article features Kellogg's new curriculum on how to successfully scale and grow a small- or middle-market business, featuring faculty including Professors Ben Jones, Gad Allon and Mike Mazzeo as well as Lecturer Dan Weinfurter.

Be Unrealistic: The Only Path To Breakthrough Success

09/02/15 – Forbes
This article by Professor Rob Wolcott discusses four guiding principals for corporations to identify and pursue plans that will likely be rejected by traditionally minded executives and investors.