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Forbes named three Kellogg alumni to the 2014 yearly list of the world's 100 venture capitalists working in tech.

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Kellogg's 'Midas' touch

Three Kellogg alumni have been named to Forbes' yearly list of the 100 top tech investors

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A patriarch Murdoch should have emulated

03/31/14 – Financial Times
Article reports on Rupert Murdoch’s decision to name his sons as successors to lead News Corp and 21st Century Fox. Article quotes Professor Lloyd Shefsky on the danger companies face when a family business grows past first and second generations.

Paige Ponder

Community investment

03/25/14 – One Million Degrees CEO Paige Ponder ’02 advances a new way to support community college students

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Family Businesses Are a Safe Bet for Long-Term Survival

03/25/14 – INC.
Discusses a Kellogg magazine article on family businesses in bad economies, quoting Professor John Ward who said, “Our experience with family businesses has confirmed that in down times, family businesses will take advantage of the negative economic conditions to make some seemingly unconventional and courageous decisions.”

Jan Leestma

Expert witness

02/13/14 – Jan Leestma ’86 uses his medical expertise in the boardroom and courtroom

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Biggest Business Risk You Can’t Ignore: Mortality

02/13/14 – CNBC
Article reports on succession plans for businesses and quotes Professor John Ward, who says only a third of family-controlled businesses transfer leadership to a second generation of family control.

Blame game: AOL won't explain how Obamacare costs $7.1M

02/13/14 – CNBC
Professor Craig Garthwaite comments on AOL’s change to healthcare and 401k plans, leaving some employees with fewer benefits.

Sam Zell

The open-door leader

02/12/14 – Equity Group Investments’ Sam Zell talks entrepreneurship at Kellogg’s Brave Leader Series

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How the “Matthew Effect” helps some scientific papers gain popularity

01/27/14 – Global
Professor Benjamin Jones comments in an article regarding the Matthew effect which is “the work of those with high status receives greater attention than equivalent work by those who are not as well known.”

Great Innovators Over 40

01/21/14 – The Palm Beach Post
Article discusses people who have made major innovations after forty. Professor Benjamin F. Jones is mentioned for his study that found the average Nobel Prize winner and great inventors is 39.

Entrepreneur pens Chinese business savvy book

01/16/14 – The China Post
Article discusses Zhao Yancheng's book “The Causes of Wealth of People” which is based on Chinese people's experiences of starting businesses in the country. The book is forwarded by Professor Lloyd Shefsky. Also covered in: China Daily, Doing business the Chinese way, 1/13/14

Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge

01/15/14 – Trader Planet
Reports on the Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge and how they have teamed up with Kellogg and INSEAD, for a competition to create market-based solutions for economic, social and environmental problems.

Small businesses optimistic heading into 2014

01/14/14 – Medill
Reports on the rising optimism of small business owners. Professor Lloyd Shefsky says that might be more about being an entrepreneur than an overall change in the economy, and that small business owners are overly optimistic people.

Brian Schafer

Start Me Up: Brian Schafer '05

01/13/14 – Brian Schafer ’05 went from CFO at a scrap metal company to pairing craft beer with fine dining

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Tepper Case Competition

A win for innovation

01/02/14 – Kellogg part-time students win “Most Innovative” at case competition

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Carlos Branger

Honor and obligation

12/30/13 – Restaurant entrepreneur Carlos Branger ’97 follows his parents’ example to improve his community

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Risk Lab students present to Land O' Lakes

Field work

12/26/13 – Students create risk management tool for Land O’ Lakes

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Fifty International Experts in Innovation and Marketing Speak to an Audience of 5,000 in Indonesia

12/19/13 – The Huffington Post UK
Reports on the Kellogg Innovation Network (KIN) ASEAN Forum. The article highlights several statements made by KIN co-founder Professor Robert C. Wolcott during the conference, including: "An accelerator to innovation is trust - which has to be established before any idea or innovation."

Innovative Thinking Keeps Family Businesses Ticking

12/11/13 – Forbes
Professor John Ward discusses how family businesses focus more on preserving assets and family reputation unlike non-family businesses that invest more in risk for a higher yield.

Jai Shekhawat

Sunny skies for the cloud

12/02/13 – Jai Shekhawat ’96 uses cloud computing to create breakthroughs in workforce management

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Kellogg Education Technology Incubator

Incubating education

11/21/13 – Kellogg Education Technology Incubator funds tech startups by students, for students

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