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Why Kellogg Executive Education?

The rapid pace of today’s business world means that the best leaders are the ones who keep growing. Kellogg Executive Education’s non-degree programs immerse you in cutting-edge thinking from world-renowned academics and professionals. You’ll return to your organization reenergized and ready to inspire growth at all levels.

We now offer a live virtual format for most programs. Our programs are built to deliver a world-class experience that’s as thought-provoking and rewarding as our in-person offerings. You will come away with the tools to succeed in a changing business landscape.

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General Management

Business for Scientists and Engineers

For practitioners and academics in science and engineering, this highly focused program provides a solid grounding in business concepts, industry-specific tools and practical frameworks for developing the business acumen you need to advance your life’s work. Format: Live Virtual

Executive Development Program

The Kellogg Executive Development Program transforms organizational leaders. It equips top-performing, mid-level to senior managers to make decisions and take strategic action based upon both traditional and innovative business practices. Participants build skills and awareness as they realize their potential for assuming general management roles. Format: Blended

Strategic Capabilities for Emerging Business Leaders

This highly interactive, live virtual program positions the high-performing, emerging leader to make bold career moves, laying the foundation for general management and leadership of the broader business. Through an exploration of strategic business functions with some of Kellogg’s leading faculty, you will immerse yourself in how to lead in a complex, competitive, global market. Format: Live Virtual

Women's Senior Leadership Program

Kellogg created this special leadership program for women executives to equip top women talent to break through the barriers that have historically impeded their career development and empower them to take their place at the highest levels of corporate leadership. Format: In-Person

Finance & Accounting

Corporate Finance

Learn how you can create greater shareholder value by valuing investments more accurately, making more informed financial decisions and designing a more consistent, cohesive corporate investment and finance strategy. Format: Live Virtual

Finance for Executives

This program, which was created especially for non-finance managers and executives, gives participants the hands-on experience they need to read and interpret financial reports, talk numbers and make executive finance decisions with confidence. Format: Live Virtual

Merger Week

Our M&A experts will show you how to evaluate mergers and acquisitions from all angles — from strategy and financing to alliances and integration — and then use an M&A process that generates the greatest value from any restructuring deal. Format: Live Virtual


Corporate Governance

Effective board members bring to the table skills and capabilities that differ distinctly from those of management and other corporate leaders. This corporate governance program paves the way to mastering the skills required to govern successfully. Format: Live Virtual

Family Enterprise Boards

Family businesses are uniquely complex enterprises. This program empowers current and future directors of family-owned businesses to navigate the challenges posed by those organizations while learning to design, engage and lead boards that leverage their companies’ strategic advantages. Formats: In-Person and Live Virtual

Forming Family Enterprise Governance

One of the most critical times in a family enterprise’s evolution is moving from the processes, people and structures that proved successful for a controlling owner to those that support a sibling partnership. Engage with faculty from the Kellogg Center for Family Enterprises for leadership insights on governance architecture and effective decision making to support a vision that will guide multigenerational continuity. Format: Live Virtual

Governing Family Enterprises

Join peers from leading family-run organizations to learn how family governance can help sustain business continuity, family unity and commitment. Come away equipped and energized to realize your vision for the future of your family enterprise with confidence. Formats: In-Person and Live Virtual

Women's Director Development Program

Discover the keys to unlocking boardroom doors in this first-ever director development program for women seeking a role in governance. Develop the skills required to contribute meaningfully and come away with practical tools for landing a seat at the table. Format: In-Person

Growth & Innovation

Delivering Business Growth

Emphasizing action, this program teaches a market-tested framework that has delivered sustained double-digit growth in revenues and margins for major global brands. You’ll leave with a business growth strategy and actionable agenda for driving growth within your organization. Format: Live Virtual

Leading and Sustaining a Culture of Innovation

Successful innovation management requires highly trained leaders who can ignite the creative spirit and create a culture of innovation. In this program, you will develop the skills and tools you need to instill an innovation mindset within your organization and inspire your people to higher levels of creativity. Format: Live Virtual

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Innovation and Organizational Performance

Learn from Kellogg’s leading experts how to fully leverage AI for analytics, insight, strategy, and organizational growth. This program’s intuitive approach helps leaders enhance innovation, understand the impact of AI on work, and develop AI initiatives within their organizations. Format: Live Virtual


Constructive Collaboration

The experts show you the conditions and competencies that foster highly productive collaboration in the workplace, and how to ignite a culture of collaboration at all levels in your company and its people. Format: Live Virtual

Driving Organizational Change

Use your own real-life challenges as a platform for putting the latest theories and tools for organizational change management into practice. Learn how to build business agility and organizational resilience — the cornerstones of driving ongoing change. Format: Live Virtual

Energizing People for Performance

Participants in this highly interactive program, which includes personalized coaching, master the processes and tools required to unleash the potential in individuals, energize their teams and empower people to achieve consistently higher levels of performance and deliver better bottom-line results. Format: Live Virtual

High-Performance Negotiation Skills

Dive into the science of negotiation and learn the essentials of deal making and dispute resolution. Learn new and proven negotiation strategies and techniques and hone your skills through challenging simulations and constructive feedback. Format: Live Virtual

Leading for Impact within Family Enterprise

As an aspiring leader within family enterprise, you’ll discover how to establish your credibility and authority in the business community, among family shareholders, with the board and management team. As an established leader, you’ll explore the complexities of mentoring the next generation and of managing succession and letting-go. For all, the program can enable you to better manage the nuanced paradoxes that are characteristic of family business leadership. Format: Live Virtual

Leading High-Impact Teams

From the thought leaders that set the standard for building and leading effective teams, this intensive program delivers deep insight into Kellogg’s proven approaches and practical tools and techniques you can use immediately to solve complex team challenges. Format: Live Virtual

Leading with Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Sophisticated subject matter in an easy-to-understand, accessible format equips executives with the working knowledge needed to seize opportunities that analytics, artificial intelligence and a data strategy presents and put data analytics to practical use. Format: Live Virtual

The Customer-Focused Organization

The digital revolution is empowering customers, fueling disruptive innovation and globalization of markets. In the wake of these challenges, firms that are customer-centric thrive. Learn how leaders successfully infuse a customer-centric perspective throughout an organization, generate value, build brands with meaning, and offer exceptional customer experiences to win in the digital age. Formats: Live Virtual

The Leader Within

If you're seeking to propel your organization and career forward faster, this dynamic program will take you on an intensive, comprehensive leadership journey designed to spur your individual growth and elevate your leadership capabilities. Format: Live Virtual

The Single Family Office

Challenging, often subtle family dynamics, sensitive communications and interlinked governance structures all contribute to the complexity of family offices. Guided by renowned faculty, you will learn to navigate complex family office dynamics to more fully align stakeholders. You will develop skills to plan strategy, promote trust and communication, and address challenging issues around governance and continuity. Format: In-Person

The Strategy of Leadership

Your success as a leader ultimately depends on persuading others to adopt and run with your winning ideas. This program combines cutting-edge behavioral research with compelling interactive learning to improve your ability to work with and through others to drive business success. Format: Live Virtual

Marketing & Sales

Advanced Marketing Management

For executives navigating an ever-changing marketing landscape, this program gives participants practical knowledge of marketing management tools and how to implement them into a successful strategy across multi-level teams.
Format: Live Virtual

Business Marketing Strategy

If your business is B2B, here is a rare opportunity to learn from the experts how to deepen your understanding of marketing dynamics and drive profitable growth in the new B2B environment. Format: Live Virtual

High-Impact Sales Strategy in a Digital World

For senior sales leadership, this program focuses on how to lead profitable growth by developing a comprehensive sales strategy incorporating segmentation, value propositions, channel mix, sales force structures and customer engagement processes. Format: Live Virtual

Kellogg on Branding

Learn from the people who wrote the book on branding how to build and strengthen the power of your brand. Kellogg’s latest thinking combined with hands-on experience will equip you to boost customer loyalty, heighten competitive advantage and increase profitability. Format: In-Person

Maximizing Sales Force Performance

Put your sales force on the fast track to high-impact performance. Explore market-proven sales force management principles and how to apply them in practice through invigorating classroom discussion, peer interaction and world-class coaching from seasoned sales and marketing experts. Format: In-Person

Sales Force Effectiveness

In this live virtual program, you will learn to adapt your approach to the drivers of sales excellence and manage change in a volatile environment. The interactive environment lets you engage in invigorating discussions, provides peer interaction and offers world-class coaching from seasoned sales and marketing experts. Format: Live Virtual

Strategic Marketing Communications

Explore the power of an integrated marketing communications strategy from fundamental planning to tactical execution utilizing the most current thinking about media channels, customer engagement and measurement. The frameworks and examples provided are applicable to developing both B2C and B2B marketing communications strategies. Format: Live Virtual

Operations & Technology

Lean Operations

A world-class business is also a lean business. Grounded in the science of lean operations, this program equips you to alleviate bottlenecks, design effective systems and use the right metrics to achieve your goal of world-class lean operations. Format: Live Virtual

Operations Management Bundle

This combination of two programs — Lean Operations and Supply Chain Management — provides an executive-level learning experience focused on the same innovative operations-management approach taught in Kellogg’s world-class MBA programs. When taken together, these programs are offered at a discounted fee. Format: Live Virtual

Operations Strategy

Learn practical frameworks and tools you can put to use immediately to craft an operations strategy that maximizes stakeholder value and establishes a sustainable competitive advantage. Topical and highly interactive, it prepares you to strengthen your organization's performance and marketplace position. Format: Live Virtual

Supply Chain Management

Revolutionize your operations with the latest tools, techniques and models for efficient — and effective — supply chain management. The experts will show you how to meet the complex challenges of managing facilities, inventories, transportation, information, outsourcing, strategic partnering and more. Format: Live Virtual


Competitive Strategy

Based on time-tested economic principles for profitability and growth, this program offers strategy-focused leaders a blend of modern theory, strategic analysis and practical application for sustaining an organization’s long-term competitive advantage. Format: Live Virtual

Creating and Managing Strategic Alliances

If you’re attracted by the promises of strategic alliances — faster growth, greater leverage, lower risk — you also need to know the pitfalls. Learn how to build value-adding relationships and when to make, buy or ally. Format: Live Virtual

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