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Understanding management
  Leading people too smart to be led
To develop a highly creative and effective company culture, indulge in ideas that may seem crazy. [Driving Organic Growth through Innovation]

Four tips to persuade others your idea is a winner
The biggest ideas are the toughest to sell, but giving the audience a sneak peek at the benefits will simplify the job for you. [The Strategy of Leadership]

Facebook shareholders urge company to replace Mark Zuckerberg with 'independent' board chair
Facebook and its board disagree on whether Mark Zuckerberg's dual CEO-chairperson role causes unnecessary risk. [Corporate Governance: Effectiveness and Accountability in the Boardroom]

Here’s how to set up work-life boundaries
Workers make a conscious effort to separate their work and personal lives, but should really be thinking about work-life integration instead. [The Soul of Leadership]

6 principles for communicating a powerful change vision
Effective change leaders understand that less is more to drive a true change effort. [Driving Organizational Change]

Three key things for new leaders to do
When you step into a new role, make sure you step out of your office and share your plans with your new team. [Energizing People for Performance]

Three habits that detract from your credibility and how to avoid them
Do you, basically, um, uptalk? If so, you're hurting your reputation. [The Sphere of Leadership]

These leadership lessons from the SEAL teams are universal for any industry
Leadership starts from the inside—learn how to lead yourself before you can lead others. [The Advanced Management Program]
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May 15-19, 2017
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