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Understanding management
  Forget micromanaging; hands-off leadership could hurt workers more
Strike a good balance between being involved and giving your team the independence to let their individual strengths shine. [Energizing People for Performance]

We know we can't be Michael Phelps, so why do we care what brand he wears?
Does an endorsement from an elite athlete truly add value to a brand, or has the clock run out on this marketing practice? [Kellogg on Branding]

6 things you’re doing that you’ll seriously regret in 10 years
It's difficult to plan a regret-free life, but adhering to your values system will guide you toward mindful decisions. [Advanced Management Program]

Why you don’t want a nice boss
Be careful what you wish for: a nice boss often won't push you to your highest potential. [Driving Organizational Change]

8 ways you’re making people tune out when you speak
If you want to be heard, start by being a good listener. [The Sphere of Leadership]

Deepak Chopra’s 7 ways to reduce stress and anxiety
Take a deep breath, and remember that taking care of yourself means you can take care of all of your obligations. [The Soul of Leadership]
October 2016 Edition
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Finance for Executives
October 30-November 4, 2016
High-Impact Sales Strategy
October 30-November 2, 2016
Women's Director Development Program
November 2-4, 2016
The Sphere of Leadership
November 6-11, 2016
Constructive Collaboration
November 7-10, 2016
Strategic Marketing Communications in the Digital Age
November 7-11, 2016
Competitive Strategy
November 13-17, 2016
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