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  Science: You’re better at getting over failure than you think
The worst part about failure is the anticipation of it. [The Executive Development Program]

If you hate to network, read this
Prevent networking panic by focusing on building relationships, not your rolodex. [Creating and Managing Strategic Alliances]

9 things the most influential and persuasive people do, backed by science
Effective persuasion is about more than selling — learn your audience to become a more powerful influencer. [The Sphere of Leadership]

This common communication gap is destroying your productivity and success
If you don’t know what you don’t know, data can help build the missing link that tells the story. [Leading With Big Data and Analytics]

13 ways to overcome negative thought patterns
Free yourself from your negativity and rise to the top of your game. [The Soul of Leadership]

The secret of not being stressed at work may lie in a four-letter word
Coffee can be more than a caffeine jolt — in Sweden, it's the heart and soul of the workday. [Constructive Collaboration: Driving Performance in Teams, Organizations, and Partnerships]

6 types of music for maximum productivity, according to science
Whether you like Mozart or metal, cueing up the right playlist creates harmonious results. [Creating and Leading a Culture of Innovation]

Suffering from professional envy? Here’s how to turn it around
Shake off the green-eyed monster by taking an inventory of what your own accomplishments mean to you. [Energizing People for Performance]

June 2016 Edition
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The Executive Development Program
June 12-July 1, 2016
Delivering Business Growth: An Actionable Framework
July 10-13, 2016
Business for Scientists and Engineers
July 11-15, 2016
Business Marketing Strategy
July 17-22, 2016
Corporate Finance: Strategies for Creating Shareholder Value
September 18-23, 2016
Energizing People for Performance
September 18-21, 2016
Negotiation Strategies
September 19-22, 2016
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Kellogg Executive Education's premier program for high-potential leaders was designed as a comprehensive, transformative learning experience. In addition to learning cutting-edge business practice from Kellogg's faculty, Global Experience participants are immersed in a major global market, gaining hands-on experience and insight from stakeholders.

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