Social Enterprise Major & Requirements

The Social Enterprise curriculum is designed for students who aspire to be global leaders -- leaders who successfully manage a wide variety of organizations and diverse group of stakeholders under the principles of good management and in the service of social development and change.

The skills learned by students majoring in Social Enterprise will enable them to pursue positions in a wide variety of careers including traditional corporate management, governmental entities, nonprofit organizations, consulting and others. The education received in the distinct Social Enterprise courses provides an understanding of the concerns and issues of a diverse constituency, the values-based approach to management underscored at the Kellogg School, key public policy issues and specific nuances of managing in a nonprofit or governmental setting.

Individual students will make different professional commitments but will all have an understanding of the broadly defined “social sector,” enabling them to be active civic leaders as managers, executives, donors and board members, shaping the social and political environment of their organization in a responsible fashion.

Courses that satisfy the Social Enterprise major were previously known as SEEK courses and are now coded as either KIEI, KPPI, or FINC courses. See below for each course's code.  For additional information on which courses satisfy the major, visit the Majors & Requirements page for Social Enterprise.

SEEK major