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Aug 23, 2019

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Dec 19 2011

The Kellogg Real Estate Alumni Club (KREAC) has recently transitioned to a new leadership team and board of directors. These changes are meant to revitalize KREAC’s mission to expand and diversify Kellogg’s real estate alumni base, enhance the networking experience for alumni and current Kellogg students, and support the school’s strategic direction.

KREAC expects to roll out some exciting new initiatives and events in the next 12-18 months in addition to the Kellogg Real Estate Program’s annual events: the Kellogg Real Estate Conference, the Distinguished Alumni Panel, and the Real Estate Challenge. Until then, the priority of KREAC is to improve communication with alumni. To that end, they have been working to consolidate and improve the integrity of the KREAC and Kellogg databases. Please take a moment to confirm/update your contact information by following all of these steps:

Kellogg Real Estate Alumni Club website
  1. On the left hand side of the page click on “Get Involved” 
  2. Click on “Join the Club” and follow the instructions


  1. Sign In 
  2. Under “Groups”, select “Groups Directory” 
  3. Enter “Kellogg Real Estate Alumni” under “Search Groups” on the left 
  4. Click “Join Group” under the “Kellogg Real Estate Alumni” 
  5. Under “Group Settings” make sure that you have the boxes checked to receive a daily/weekly digest email and for the group manager to send you an email. This will be the primary way that we distribute KREAC information, including Job Postings.

The resources are vast, and the Club hopes to harness those resources to enhance the value of our Kellogg affiliation - not only in Chicago, but nationally as well. Stay tuned for more updates!

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