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Jul 17, 2019

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Sep 17 2012

The Booth-Kellogg Real Estate Challenge began in 2002. A real estate course was developed at Kellogg to prepare a group of Kellogg students to compete against a group of Booth students to solve a real estate-related problem or question. The Challenge is designed to bring the next generation of real estate leaders together to solve a timely, relevant, and novel problem posed by leading industry professionals. These projects promote the students’ learning by giving them hands-on experience in understanding business strategies in response to specific real estate development and investment opportunities.

Beginning in 2011, the Challenge format was changed from a private presentation to a public event, attended by a diverse group of prominent real estate professionals and held in downtown Chicago. The 2012 Kellogg Challenge team, pictured here, analyzed the 600-acre Lakeside site on Chicago’s lakefront to determine the highest and best use and a plan for the site’s development.

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