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Aug 23, 2019

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Dec 10 2018

The Kellogg Real Estate Center is pleased to offer a new format of our Real Estate Lab Course in Winter, 2019. The Real Estate Lab-Practicum will closely model the highly successful Private Equity Lab, which has been one of Kellogg’s most popular finance courses.

In the inaugural quarter, ten real estate companies will each sponsor 1-2 real estate students to take on high-level projects during the ten-week quarter.
This course offers Kellogg students an experiential learning opportunity in real estate investment, development or brokerage in the Chicago area or in another city. The host firm determines the project(s) on which students will focus, and students commit to approximately 150 hours of work during a ten-week period to the project(s).
There is no compensation paid to students and no expectation of a full-time position after the program is completed. Participants are full-time MBA or JD/MBA students who have completed substantial financial/real estate pre-requisites. Many of them want to enter the real estate industry after graduation.

The sponsoring firm provides guidance on responsibilities/tasks and continual, constructive feedback throughout the 10-week period. The student’s grade is based principally on feedback the firm gives to the Kellogg faculty advisor, Denise Akason.

Any firms interested in participating in future lab courses should contact Denise Akason at

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