Below is the list of students currently enrolled in the Doctoral Program with a focus in Management and Organizations:
The students denoted by an asterisk (*) are enrolled in the Joint Doctoral Program with a focus in Management and Organizations and Sociology.

Student                                               Contact                                                                                 Faculty Advisers                                                                                                                  
First Year
 Grace Augustine  
 Andrea Dittmann  
 Kaylene Fellows  
 Daniel Milner  
 Shane Schweitzer  
 Yuan Tian  
Second Year
Kartikeya Bajpai   
Kevin Gaughan  
Seok-Hyun "Stephen" Hwang  
*Saheli Nath  
 Third Year
 Julia Hur     
 *Nevena Radoynovska  
 Elizabeth Ruth Wilson  
Fourth Year
 *Vontrese Deeds       Mary Pattillo, Klaus Weber & Brayden King 
 Michael Mauskapf  William Ocasio, Klaus Weber, Brian Uzzi & Brayden King
 Rachel Ruttan  Loran Nordgren, Adam Waytz & Adam Galinsky
 Charleen Case   
Fifth Year and Above
 *Justin Louie  Klaus Weber, Wendy Griswold & Wendy Espeland
 Brian Lucas  Adam Waytz, Loran Nordgren, Keith Murnighan & Leigh Thompson
 Hetal Patel  Katherine Phillips & Klaus Weber
 'Luke' Seung-Hyun Rhee  William Ocasio, Paul Leonardi & Ithai Stern
 Ella Washington  Robert Livingston, Adam Galinsky & Nicole Stephens
 Wooseok Jung    Klaus Weber, Brayden King & Brian Uzzi
 Sookyoung Lee  Brayden King & Ed Zajac
 Christopher Steele  William Ocasio, Brayden King, Klaus Weber & Ed Zajac
 Jayaram 'Jay' Uparna   Brian Uzzi, Klaus Weber, Noshir Contractor & Adam Waytz