Listed below are recent alumni of the Management & Organizations doctoral program.

2016 Graduates

Wooseok Jung
: "Pro Bono Publico or Pro Bono Nostro?: Inter-firm Rivalry and Corporate Social Performance in Elite Law Firms," 2016; HEC Paris

Seung-Hyun (Luke) Rhee
: "Cognitive Advantage for Innovation: A Theoretical Formulation and Empirical Application in the Software Industry," 2016; New York University

2015 Graduates

2014 Graduates

2013 Graduates

Razvan Lungeanu: "Studies on Governance, Strategy, and Firm Performance in the Early Public Firm," 2013; Penn State University

Mary-Hunter McDonnell: "The Moving Targets of Market Contention: An Exploration of how Social Movements Affect Corporate Strategy," 2013; Georgetown University.

Franz Wohlegezogen: Bocconi University

Vanessa Pouthier: Bocconi University

2012 Graduates

Eileen Chou: "Contract Specificity: The Motivational, Cognitive, and Behavioral Benefits of Less Specific Contracts," 2012; University of Virginia.

Nicholas Pearce: "Behind Stained Glass Windows: Institutional Leadership and Organizational Change in Black Megachurches," 2012; Northwestern University

Juinwen Wang: "The Psychological Consequences of Being Out of the Loop," 2012. Civil Service College, Singapore Government.

2011 Graduates

Brian Gunia: "The Blame-taker's Dilemma: Actions and Reactions in the Wake of Organizational Failure," 2011; John Hopkins University.

Li Huang: "Mind-body Dissonance: A Catalyst to Creativity and Source of Illusions," 2011; Organizational Behavior, INSEAD.

Long Wang: "The Dark Side of Creativity," 2011; The City University of Hong Kong.

Tae Hyun Kim: "Client Leadership in Professional Service Industries," 2011; Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST).

2010 Graduates 

Simona Giorgi: "Culture in Action: Cultural Competence and Agency in Institutional Environments," 2010; Organizations Studies Department, Boston College.

Kathryn Heinze: "Working with harmony: Institutional Entrepreneurship in the Context of Integrative Medicine Placement," 2010; Organizational Behavior in Sport, School of Kinesiology, University of Michigan.

Mark Rivera: "On the Origins and Dynamics of a Network of Business Elites," 2010; People Analyst and Data Scientist, Google.

Sara Soderstrom: "Processes of Agenda Change in Organizations," 2010; Erb Institute Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Michigan.


2009 Graduates

Y. Sekou Bermiss: "The Emergence and Evolution of Professional Service Industries," 2009; University of Texas at Austin.

Maxim Sytch: "Living in Two Worlds: Exploring the Origins and Consequences of the Dual Social Structure," 2009; University of Michigan.


2008 Graduates 

Susan Crotty: "Creativity of Chaos: Channelling the Creative Capacity of Multicultural Teams," 2008; Dubai School of Government.

John Joseph: "Goal Activation, Managerial Attention and Resource Allocation: The Effects of Organizational Goals on Innovation." 2008; Duke University.

Niro Sivanathan: "Scurrilous Competitors: Risk-Takers, Bribers & Saboteurs in Promotion Tournaments," 2008; London Business School.


2007 Graduates

Robert B. Lount Jr.: "An Examination of the Relationship Between Positive Mood and Trust: A Comparison of Two Theoretical Models," 2007; Fisher College of Business, Ohio State.

Katie Liljenquist: "The Strategic Benefits of Soliciting Others for Advice," 2007; Marriot School, BYU.

James Oldroyd: "" 2007; Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul Korea.

Ming Piao: "Exploitation and Exploration in the Hard Disk Drive Industry," 2007; David Eccles School of Business, UTAH.

Jo-Ellen Pozner: "An Exploration of the Social Mechanisms Driving the Consequences of Earnings Restatements for Organizational Elites," 2007; Haas School of Business, Berkeley.

Cynthia Wang: "Rewarding Honesty and Punishing Deception," 2007; National University of Singapore.

Jennifer Whitson: "Voices in the Static: The Small Perception of Pattern in the lives of Everyday life," 2007; University of Austin at Texas.


2006 Graduates

Chenbo Zhong: "The Ethical Dangers of Rational Decision Making, " 2006; University of Toronto.

Amit Nigam: "Transformation of Professional Control: Changes in Medical Work in the Shift to Managed Care," 2006; New York University Wagner.

2005 Graduates

Mary Kern: “The Illusion of Transparency in Negotiation: Culture’s Consequences on Negotiation Biases and Outcomes,” 2005; Baruch College, NY.

Ryon Lancaster: "TBA," 2005; Sociology Department, University of Chicago 

Denise L. Loyd: “Avoiding the Appearance of Favoritism in Evaluating Similar Others: The Impact of Status and Distinctiveness,” 2005; MIT Sloan School of Management.


2004 Graduates

Gillian Ku: “Still Stuck in the Big Muddy: Behavioral and Affective Forecasting, Competitive Arousal, and Escalation of Commitment,” 2004; London Business School.


2003 Graduates

Lisa Amoroso: "Social Hierarchy and Autonomy in Germany and the United States (1980-2000)," 2003; Roosevelt University.

Dania Dialdin: “Multi-Firm Alliance Formation and Governance Structure: Configural and Geometric Perspectives,” 2003; Suffolk University.

Tracy Dumas: "When to Draw the Line: Effects of Identity and Role Boundary Management on Interrole Conflict," 2003; Goizueta Business School.

Peer Fiss: "Corporate Governance and the Symbolic Management of Stakeholders: The Emergence of a Shareholder Value Orientation in Germany," 2003; Queen's University.

Mark Kennedy: "The Earliest Moments of New Niches: Firms, Third Party Evaluators and the Source Costs of Information," 2003; University of Southern California.

Shirli Kopelman: “Culture and Power Asymmetry in Resource Negotiations: Implications for Self-Interested Behavior in Social Dilemmas,” 2003; University of Michigan.

Ashleigh Rosette: "Unacknowledged Privilege: Setting the Stage for Discrimination and Prejudice," 2003; Duke University.

L. Olivia Wang: “Alliance or Acquisition: A Dyadic Perspective on Interfirm Resource Combinations,” 2003; Columbia Business School.

J. Mark Weber: "Catalysts for Cooperation: Consistent Contributors in Public Good Dilemmas," 2003; University of Toronto.


2002 Graduates

Deepak Malhotra: "Reciprocity in the Context of Trust: The Differing Perspectives of Trustors and Trusted Parties," 2002; Harvard University.


2001 Graduates

Michael Jensen: "The Role of Network Resources in Market Entry: Commercial Banks" Entry Into Investment Banking 1987-1999," 2001; University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Rodney Lacey: "Industry-Level Control of Production: A Case Study of Hollywood Deal Making," 2001; University of Florida, Gainesville.

W. Trexler Proffitt: "The Evolution of Institutional Investor Identity: Social Movement Mobilization in the Shareholder Activism Field," 2001; University of California, Riverside.

Michael Sacks: “The Social Structure of Entrepreneurial Financing: Capital Allocation Decisions in U.S. Venture Capital, 1965-1999,” 2001; Emory University.


2000 Graduates

Wendi Adair: "Reciprocity in the Global Market: Cross-Cultural Negotiations," 2000; University of Waterloo.

Don Moore: "The Unexpected Benefits of Negotiating Under Time Pressure," 2000; Carnegie Mellon University.

Xiaoli Yin: “A Strategic Perspective of Franchising: Fit and Adaptability, “2000; San Francisco State University.