Majors & Requirements

The below requirements apply to students who have matriculated before June 2015. Please see new requirements for students matriculating on or after June 2015.

Requirements for Major in Finance 
Requirements for Major in Analytical Finance

Finance Major
Whether a student intends to be a finance specialist or a management generalist, corporate finance and financial markets are an integral part of the vocabulary of business. The Finance major provides a foundation in corporate finance and financial markets that supports every business function. For specialists, the broad range of electives in the finance major, offered by faculty who are themselves continually advancing the frontiers of thought, gives structure and intensity to training and preparation for a finance career. The finance curriculum provides both a working understanding of the financial decision-making process in organizations, as well as insight into how financial markets function. Each year, financial services companies hire some 20 percent of the total Kellogg School graduating class.

The Finance major provides an excellent background for a variety of financial career paths, including investment banking, money management, venture capital, real estate, insurance, and corporate control and treasury functions. In addition, finance is important for generalists seeking careers in management consulting, organization planning and strategy, general management, and small business and entrepreneurial management.

Analytical Finance
Added to the curriculum in 2001-02, the analytical finance major provides a more technical understanding of financial markets and the theory and tools that underlie modern finance practice. This major is designed for students who plan to take specialized finance positions after graduation.