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The Office of the Dean has designed two initiatives to facilitate more effective sharing of best practices in teaching at Kellogg.

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2004-05 Deans Faculty Workshop Series

  • Faculty Teaching Workshop 02/23/2005
    This interactive workshop is be a panel discussion led by Tim Calkins, Steve Rogers, and Scott Schaefer.  Student feedback over the years has consistently requested that faculty increase student engagement and accountability in the classroom.  This most often comes in the form of suggesting increased cold calling.  However, cold-calling is not the only method that one could use to increase engagement and it may or may not fit with a particular individual's teaching style.  The workshop will discuss a variety of approaches to increasing student engagement.
  • Panel Discussion 01/26/2005
    The Leadership Taskforce invited three faculty members to discuss the state of leadership research and issues associated with the teaching of leadership.  The panel members are David M. Messick, the Morris and Alice Kaplan Professor of Ethics and Decision in Management and Director of the Ford Motor Company Center for Global Citizenship; Alice Eagly, Professor of Psychology and Chair of the Department of Psychology; and Michelle L. Buck, Clinical Associate Professor of Management and Organizations and Associate Director of Executive Education.

2003-4 Best Practices in Teaching Videos

2002-3 Best Practices in Teaching Videos

  • David Messick: Part One, Part Two
    As part of the Fall 2002 Best Practices Workshop, Professor David Messick leads a discussion about the problems associated with incorporating ethics content into students' classroom experience. David is the recipient of numerous Kellogg teaching awards. He teaches MORS 472, Making Ethical Decisions, as well as MORS 916, Socially Responsible Business Practices.

  • Artur Raviv
    From the Fall quarter workshop on November 28, Professor Artur Raviv discusses the very popular and extremely successful Fin Decisions course, a course taken by large numbers of Kellogg students and one that consistently is among Kellogg's highest rated courses for content, learning, and teaching.

  • Daniel Diermeier and David Besanko
    Also from the November 28 workshop, a discussion lead by Daniel Diermeier and David Besanko on Teaching Cases at Kellogg. Daniel, as most of you probably know, was the L.G. Lavengood Professor of the Year for 2001, the highest teaching honor that can be bestowed on a Kellogg faculty member. He teaches M&S 450, Strategic Management in the Non-Market Environment