Kellogg School of Management
  Speaker Notices

As you finalize your schedules, please email with details of your guest speakers for your class.  Please include the following information in advance of the event: 

  • Date of the event
  • Speaker’s Name/Title/Company/Email
  • Class/Section
  • Room location (in case someone from the Dean’s office wants to stop by and thank in person)

Your guests will, at the very least, be sent a thank you email from Dean Blount.  If they are senior level or influential advocates for the school, please indicate and one of the deans will make a special effort to stop by and greet your guest.  After the event, Corporate Partnerships will contact you to verify that the speaker participated as scheduled.

Additionally, if you would like to give your guest a small gift, Corporate Partnerships has a supply of small boxes of Godiva chocolates. Please contact if you have any questions.