The Kellogg School of Management’s 13th Business of Healthcare Conference, “Transformations in Healthcare,” focuses on some of the most topical issues facing the healthcare industry. 2012 has been a year of change for many health care organizations. This year’s conference will explore how changes in healthcare policy and the Affordable Care Act, increased participation from individual consumers, and how surging demand in emerging markets has required healthcare payers, providers, and producers to adapt their business models to create sustainable growth. With organizations aiming to improve patient care, develop new products, and slow the rising growth in healthcare costs in the face of an evolving political and regulatory landscape, transformation in healthcare is inevitable.


The conference will bring together professionals, academics, and students from all parts of the industry to engage in a variety of topics that explore the ways companies are navigating the transforming healthcare landscape. The forum offers an invaluable opportunity to gain insights into the challenging issues that surround the healthcare industry as well as network with leading healthcare professionals.


This year’s conference will feature six panels that cover a spectrum of topics across the healthcare industry. Emphasis will be placed on emerging market access, healthcare consumerism and accountability, healthcare investing, sustainable innovation, public policy, and design thinking in healthcare. The conference will also host three keynote speakers who will share insightful commentary based on their industry experience and provide thoughts regarding the state of healthcare and its future.

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