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Majors & Pathways

The Kellogg experience is built on a strong academic foundation. But don’t take our word for it — just take a look at the wide range of academic and professional programs that our students have to choose from. Kellogg’s approach to majors gives our students the flexibility and guidance they need to carve out a unique intellectual experience that is relevant to their specific educational and career goals. Students may choose from seven majors, or none at all. In addition to majors, Kellogg has recently introduced innovative “pathways” that allow students to build expertise in emerging areas and evolving industries.

For Full-Time MBA students who began studies during or after Summer 2015

For Part-Time MBA students who began studies at Kellogg during or after Summer Quarter 2015

For students who began studies at Kellogg during or before Spring Quarter 2015

Kellogg’s Academic Departments and Strategic Initiatives

Academic Departments

Accounting Information & Management


Management & Organizations

Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences



Professional Programs

Health Enterprise Management

Media Management

Real Estate Program

Strategic Initiatives

Architectures of Collaboration (KACI)

Innovation & Entrepreneurship (KIEI)

Markets & Customers (KMCI)

Public-Private Interface (KPPI)