Kellogg Job Board Frequently Asked Questions

New Users

  • The first time you post a job, the process will take about 10 minutes.
  • Once you establish an account, future postings will take less than five minutes

Establishing an account
To use this service, each employer must establish an account. This will give you the ability to edit jobs later, remove them as necessary and even use previous listings for new openings. The instructions screen will ask you to do the following:

  1. Enter your e-mail address. Make sure this is your direct e-mail address — not a blind account or your colleague’s e-mail. Accounts with blind or generic e-mail addresses will not be approved.
  2. Find your company. Type in the name of your company and click Find Organization. This will bring up a list of companies that are already included in our database. If you see your company listed, select the correct division and click Select/Continue. If your company is listed, but the division you work for is not, click Add New Division. If the company is not listed at all, click Add New Company.
  3. Add your contact information. We need to know who you are! This is not the application information for the job, but rather how we get in touch with you to confirm your listing, or gather further information when necessary. If you enter someone else’s contact information here, that person will get the correspondence about your listing (approval, declined notice, questions, etc).  Your listing will not be approved with a blind, generic or invalid email address.
  4. Click [Add A New Job].

Executive Search Firms
The first step is to create an account for yourself as described above. Do not enter your client’s information when creating an account. You will want to use the name of your firm and your firm’s description as the company profile (you will have the opportunity to specify your client’s information later). The company profile process will ask you for a general industry, please select [Services — Executive Search]. You will then need to select a “specific industry.” Select [Executive Search].

When posting a job, you will see that the company information section located at the bottom contains your company’s name. Directly under that is a field called “Organization Name.” This is where you can (if you want) put your client’s name, or a short description of the client company (“leading consulting firm”). The “Organization Name” field is the only one that will show on the job posting — the Company/Division field is not visible to alumni. You can also change the company description to describe the client’s company. You may also wish to change the industry and region in this section of the job posting. All of these will be reflected in the job posting.

Work Authorization
The Kellogg student body is truly global in its composition; while every class is different, typically 30% of our students hail from countries outside the United States. We believe the contributions of these students to Kellogg are immeasurable. Because every company has different policies, it’s important for us to ask if you are able to consider hiring students or alumni without permanent U.S. work authorization.
All students will be eligible to work for any company in the United States for one year following graduation and during the summer between their first and second year.

Where did my formatting go?
Our Web pages are unable to display formatting other than HTML. Bullets and paragraph breaks will not show up properly in the post unless they are HTML-formatted. It is recommended that you use HTML. You will find the two formatting marks you will need on the job posting form.

Summer Internships
Almost all of our full-time students complete summer internships. These internships are typically paid (salary information can be found here). Kellogg does not award class credit for summer internships. The length of the internship is jointly determined by the company and student, and typically lasts 10-12 weeks. You may post summer opportunities for our first-year students through the job board.

Part-Time Jobs
Students at Kellogg spend much of their time with course work and group projects. Because of this, most of them do not take on part-time work. However, some of them do look for part-time opportunities; you can post positions for them on the Kellogg Career Network. Kellogg students are typically paid for their work; salaries range from $15-100/hr depending on the nature of the work. There are a few rules governing part time positions:

  • Clearly indicate the expected number of hours - per week or for the project as a whole.
  • If this is an unpaid position, it must be clearly indicated in the job posting.
  • Part-time jobs must be MBA-level work.

Class Projects
Many classes require group and individual projects. Our corporate relations department maintains a database of projects available for classes. Please find more information on the corporate involvement page.

On the job form, what should I answer for:

Application Deadline Dates: We recommend a three-week window for current student listings, and six weeks for alumni listings. Ultimately, this timeframe is completely up to you.
Job Requisition #: This field is not required, and you would only need to use this to indicate an internal job number that you wish the candidates to mention, or that they would want to search for on your Web site.
Organization Name: This field is how your company name will appear on the listing. This field is most important for divisions of large companies or executive search firms.

Why would a listing be declined?
There are several reasons we might decline or place a listing on hold. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Incomplete contact information in the internal use only section
  • Blind e-mail address or general phone number in the internal use only section
  • Listing appears directed at undergraduate students/alumni
  • There is no company information, or company is determined not to exist
  • The listing appears to be an attempt to merely collect resumes without a legitimate opening (this applies mostly to search firms)