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As a member of the Kellogg community, you can connect to alumni worldwide through regional and special interest alumni clubs. With nearly 70 active regional alumni clubs and more than 20 special interest clubs you can seize the opportunity to network, socialize, and participate in activities that are of interest to you. For more information on any of these clubs, please sign in to KelloggConnect.

Want to Be an Alumni Volunteer?
Become a Kellogg Alumni Club Leader and join an elite group of volunteers from all over the world. Club leaders act as liaisons between the Kellogg School of Management and the alumni community. We believe that an essential component of club success involves providing alumni leaders with information, ideas and policies needed to grow and sustain a successful club. Kellogg Alumni Relations is dedicated to working with club leaders to provide resources to support your alumni community. Whether you are a current club leader or are interested in serving your community or affinity, below are some resources to assist you.

Kellogg Club Leader Handbook (broken down by section)
About the Kellogg Alumni Clubs Program
Types of Clubs, Annual Requirements and Measurements of Success

Alumni Club Basics
Club Members, Club Structures and information about starting a new alumni club

Alumni Club Leadership Expectations
Leadership requirements and forms

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Special Interest
Kellogg Alumni Ski Club Kellogg Alumni Rugby Club
Alumni Admissions Organization
Kellogg Alumni Soccer Club
Executive MBA Programs Kellogg Aussies Abroad
Family Business Alumni Club Kellogg Black Alumni Club
Pride at Kellogg (LGBT) Alumni Kellogg European Business Alumni Club
HIM/Biotechnology Alumni Club Kellogg Executive Women's Network
Hispanic Business Alumni Kellogg India Business Alumni Club
Kellogg Alumni Career Services Kellogg Real Estate Alumni Club
Kellogg Alumni Energy Club Kellogg Social Impact Alumni Network
Kellogg Alumni Entrepreneurs Kellogg-Sailing
Kellogg Alumni in Private Equity MMM
Kellogg Alumni Media Club
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