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Guiding Purpose of the Kellogg Alumni Council

The purpose of the Kellogg Alumni Council (KAC) is to serve as strategic partners and leaders in catalyzing our global alumni community – a network that vitally connects alumni to one another and the school throughout their lifetime.

KAC members are champions and ambassadors of Kellogg that strengthen and enrich our network by:

  • guiding and influencing the alumni engagement strategy by providing direction, feedback and critical resources;
  • creating strong networks in partnership with the School and fellow alumni leaders;
  • fostering a deep sense of affiliation and pride among alumni; and
  • helping build Kellogg's presence and reputation worldwide by serving as key extensions of the School.

KAC Member Directory

Members of the Kellogg Alumni Council

Cesar Estrada (Chair)
(One-Year Program 1999)
Senior Managing Director, State Street Bank

Catherine Briggs (Vice-Chair)
(Two-Year Program, 1994)
Independent Marketing and Fundraising Consultant


Eric Acher
(Two-Year Program, 1995)
Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Monashees Capital

Chip Bailey
(Two-Year Program, 1987)
Executive Vice President, NWQ Investment Management Co.

James Beckemeyer
(Two-Year Program, 1995)
Director, Delivery Systems Planning, Kaiser Permanente

Sarah Berghorst
(Two-Year Program, 2010)
Executive Director, OneGoal

Carlos Botelho
(One-Year Program, 1999)
Head of Global Equity Research and Investments, Cartica Capital

Esther Choy
(Two-Year Program, 2009)
Founder & President, Leadership Story Lab

Uzair Dada
(Two-Year Program, 1994)
CEO, Iron Horse Interactive

Kyle Emmons
(Two-Year Program, 2012)
Managing Partner, Motte Partners

Earl Enzer
(One-Year Program, 1986)
Managing Director, Goldman Sachs & Company

Shaun Finnie
(Two-Year Program, 1995)
Senior Managing Director, Evercore Partners

Ang Gao
(Two-Year Program, 1999)
Managing Member, Quintestellar Capital Management

George Graffy
(One-Year Program, 1989)
President, Smart Circle International LLC

Njideka Harry
(Executive MBA Program, 2012)
President and CEO, Youth for Technology

Nadia Hewett
(Two-Year MBA Program, 2013)
Head of Supply Chain Management Americas, Damco

Christina Kramlich
(Two-Year Program, 1998)
Senior Director, Social Finance, Inc.

Suresh Krishna
(Two-Year Program, 1999)
Senior Vice President & Chief Operations Officer, Select Comfort Corp.

Dolores Kunda
(Two-Year Program, 1984)
Executive Director, Latino Corporate Directors Association

Phillip Lageschulte
(Part-Time Program, 2005)
Partner, KPMG LLP

Carlos Leon
(Two-Year Program, 1994)
Vice Chairman of the Board, Centro Financiero BHD Leon

Brian F. Lessig
(Two-Year Program, 1999)
Managing Director, Grace Bay Ventures, LLC

Tanya Lindsay
(Two-Year Program, 2013)
Brand Manager, Beam Suntory

Louis C. Madge
(Executive MBA Program, 2007)
President, M & H Group, Inc.

Cynthia Meng
(Two-Year Program, 1998)
Chief Strategy Officer, ChinaCache

Sean O’Scannlain
(Two-Year Program, 1990)
President & Chief Executive Officer, Fortune Fish Company

Federico Papa
(Two-Year Program, 2000)
Head of Global Banking & Markets, USA, Santander Global Banking and Markets

Jimmy Rojas
(Two-Year Program, 2005)
Director, Centennial Property Finance

Heidi Sandreuter
(Two-Year Program, 1999)
Consultant, Spencer Stuart

David Schnadig
(Two-Year Program, 1990)
Managing Partner, Cortec Group

Elizabeth Pattara Schuster
(EMP – North American Program, 2010)
President, Regina Dominican High School

John Sheputis
(MMM Program, 1993)
President, Infomart Data Centers

Sanjay Shroff
(Two-Year Program, 1985)
Founder & Director, Bangalore Paints Limited

Chelsea Smith
(Two-Year Program, 1999)
Senior Vice President, Northern Trust Asset Management

Beatriz Luna Vida
(EMP - Miami Program, 2011)
Executive Director, Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management

Noga Villalon
(Two-Year Program, 1987)
Co-owner, Isramex

Jocelyn Cortez Young
(Executive MBA Program, 2007)
Managing Partner, Minerva Capital Group

John Yen
(MMM Program, 1997)
VP/GM, Videojet Technologies

Pete Henderson Society Partners

Gerald Cohen
(Two-Year Program, 1979)
Managing Director, SSG Development LLC and SF Properties, Inc.

Laura Hollister
(Two-Year Program, 2000)
Manager, Bain Company

Darrell Jackson
(Executive MBA Program, 2000)
Former President/Board Member Non-Profit, Seaway Bank

Jim Palos
(Two-Year Program, 1989)
President, Hyde Park Institute

David Spitulnik
(Two-Year Program, 1980)
Managing Partner, Spitulnik Advisors

Gerron Vartan
(One-Year Program, 1967)
President/CEO, >AEGIS Partners, Inc.

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