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Gerald W. Fogelson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, The Fogelson Group

Gerald W. FogelsonWednesday, May 28, 2008

Gerald W. Fogelson is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Fogelson Group of Companies. Mr. Fogelson has been actively involved in the real estate industry since 1955.

Jerry Fogelson was inducted in to the Chicago Real Estate Hall of Fame in 2003. He is the Co-Founder of the Chicago School of Real Estate at Roosevelt University with the first endowed Chair for Real Estate in the state of Illinois in his name. Mr. Fogelson is the recipient of three resolutions by the City of Chicago and is nationally recognized as a leader in his industry and his community. Mr. Fogelson is the author of Central Station: Realizing a Vision; is a member of the Board of Trustees of Roosevelt University; The Auditorium Theater Board; The Near South Planning Board; The Chicago School of Real Estate and numerous other philanthropic and community organizations.

As Chairman of Fogelson Companies, Inc., Central Station Development Corporation, Fogelson Properties, Inc. and several other entities all engaged in real estate development and ownership, Mr. Fogelson establishes policy and leads all entities he is involved in.

Mr. Fogelson has owned and directed companies in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, New Jersey, Florida, California, Minnesota and Kentucky. More than $5 Billion of real estate has been developed by various companies owned and/or controlled by Jerry Fogelson.

A Partial List of Developments by Fogelson Companies, Inc. and/or Its Affiliated Companies

• THE “BREAKERS” OF OLYMPIA FIELDS: A large senior housing development. This development consists of Villas, assisted living.

• LAGRANGE, ILLINOIS: Fogelson Companies, Inc. in a Joint Venture with Mid America Corporation was the developer for a significant part of the downtown section of LaGrange.

• CENTRAL STATION, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS: This 80 acre development in Chicago, when completed, will contain 7,500 living units including low-rise; mid-rise; high-rise; for sale housing; rental units in high rise towers; senior housing; and specialty housing. The estimated total development will be in excess of $3.0 Billion. Central Station is a development of Fogelson Properties, Inc. in Joint Venture with Forest City Enterprise.

The Fogelson Group of Companies is very active in land development, condo/hotels and other creative real estate.
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