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Leigh Thompson Prof. Leigh Thompson featured in Businessweek

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Christen Tingley '15 Christen Tingley '15 was named one of Kellogg's five Siebel Scholars

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Richard Lim '10 Richard Lim '10 paired with another alumnus to help DIY weddings

2011-2012 Academic Calendar: Full-Time and Part-Time MBA Programs

Fall Pre-Term 2011
August 20 Full-Time Program KWEST trips begin
27 Full-Time Program KWEST trips end
29 Full-Time Program CIM begins
September 1 MORS course begins (Full-Time Program Class of 2013)
5 Labor Day Holiday
12 SEEK course begins (Full-Time Program Class of 2012)
16 Full-Time Program pre-term exams
Fall Quarter 2011
September 19 10-week/A classes begin
24 Saturday Program classes begin
October 21 A classes end
24 B classes begin
November 21 Thanksgiving break begins
24 Thanksgiving Holiday (staff)
25 Thanksgiving Holiday (staff)
28 Classes resume
December 2 10-week/B classes end
3 Saturday Program classes end
5 Exams begin
10 Exams end
Winter Quarter 2012
January 3 10-week/A classes begin
4 Makeup for all January 2 day classes
6 Makeup for all January 2 evening classes
7 Saturday Program classes begin
16 Martin Luther King Day Holiday
18 Makeup for all January 16 day classes
20 Makeup for all January16 evening classes
February 3 A classes end
6 B classes begin
March 9 10-week/B classes end
10 Saturday Program classes end
Full-Time Program early exams
11 Full-Time Program early exams
12 Exams begin
17 Exams end
Spring Quarter 2012
March 26 10-week/A classes begin
31 Saturday Program classes begin
April 27 A classes end
30 B classes begin
May 9 Makeup for all May 28 day classes
18 Makeup for all May 28 evening classes
28 Memorial Day Holiday
June 1 10-week/B classes end
2 Saturday Program classes end
4 Exams begin
9 Exams end
15 Kellogg Convocation
Summer Quarter 2012
June 18 Evening Program 10-week/A classes begin
19 1YMBA Program CIM begins
21 1YMBA Program 10-week/A classes begin
23 Saturday Program classes begin
July 4 Independence Day Holiday
6 Makeup for Evening Program July 4 classes
August 21 1YMBA Program 10-week/B classes end
23 1YMBA Program 10-week/B exams begin
24 1YMBA Program 10-week/B exams end
24 Evening Program 10-week/B classes end
25 Saturday Program classes end
27 Evening Program exams begin
31 Evening Program exams end
September 1 Saturday Program exams