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Health Enterprise Management Newsletter July 2012

Journal Club…

Our quarterly journal club met on June 4 at the Allen Center to discuss the subject of technology assessment in the U.S. and explore lessons from international healthcare systems. The paper that was the basis of the discussion was:

Health Technology Assessment in Evidence-Based Health Care Reimbursement Decisions Around the World–An Overview

Paper Citation: O’Donnell JC, Pham SV, Pashos CL, et al. Health technology assessment in evidence-based health care reimbursement decisions around the world: an overview. Value Health 2009;12(Suppl. 2):S1-5.

The discussion leader was Giuseppe Turchetti, Ph.D., Professor at the Institute of Management at the Scuola Superiore Sant’Ana in  Pisa, Italy. Professor Turchetti’ s academic interests are in technology assessment and insurance, in which areas he has published extensively. He is at Kellogg as a Fulbright Scholar until the end of August.

What Americans lack, that other countries have, are: a centralized mechanism for evaluating clinical effectiveness and price considerations in the technology approval decisions.  Taking these concerns together means we do not have the mechanism (or desire) to make cost- effective technology implementation decisions.

Professor Turchetti’s presentation focused on how these issues are handled in Italy and the EU. His presentation is available for download (PPT 2 MB).

We thank Humana for again sponsoring the reception.  

In anticipation of the next journal club in the fall quarter, please send any topic or article suggestions to Julie Gertz.

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