Henry Bullock

Chairman and Founder / Menlo Equities

Over delivering results that count

Guided by passion and expertise, visionary Henry Bullock ’80 has built Menlo Equities into one of the West Coast’s premier commercial real estate companies

In early 2000, while much of the world was still caught up in the dot-com frenzy, Henry Bullock was preparing for the bubble to burst. He sold nearly 35 percent of Menlo’s 6-million-square-foot portfolio and refinanced the rest, "putting us in a position where we were able to weather the storm."

Menlo survived the downturn and went on to become one of the premier commercial real estate firms in the western United States.

Bullock, the chairman and founder of Menlo Equities, is attuned to macroeconomic trends and financial markets, dating back to his experiences prior to launching Menlo in 1994. Bullock spent nearly two decades in real estate lending and debt and equity raising, first at Wells Fargo and later as a managing partner at The Shidler Group.

In 2006, Bullock’s capital markets’ prescience enabled him to predict the now historic economic downturn. He downsized the firm again — from 7 million to 1.5 million square feet so he could "put the cash back in the pockets of our investors."

"Getting in early and knowing when to step out is a cornerstone of our investment philosophy that has enabled us to exceed our target returns by more than 10 percent over our 21-year history," he says.

Since its founding, Menlo has acquired or developed more than 100 properties for a total cost of approximately $2.7 billion. The firm focuses on meeting the real estate requirements of global firms such as Apple, Yahoo, Sony and Panasonic.

Rather than take the company public, Bullock prefers the flexibility of a "lean" company, one that manages nearly $2 billion in assets with 25 employees. "Public companies come with several more layers of management and bureaucracy, not to mention costs," he says. "It’s a lot more structured and a lot less entrepreneurial."

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