Gary and Catherine Briggs

Kellogg's power is the people

They attended Kellogg separately and have applied their business school lessons differently, but both Gary ‘89 and Catherine Briggs '94 agree it's the people that make the Kellogg experience

In 2006 Jeff Hoye resigned as president of Western Hemisphere operations for Corus America Inc. Corus Group PLC was one of the world's largest integrated steel producers. Attractive job opportunities in Texas lured Jeff and his wife Carrie away from the Chicago suburbs to Houston. Upon arrival, though, Hoye had a problem: his new employer was being sold, and Jeff was jobless.

It wasn't a glossy brochure that drove them to apply. Not even a campus tour. It was Kellogg alumni — Gary Briggs' friends and mentors — who sparked both his and later, Catherine's, interest in the school.

The two began dating in 1991 after Gary earned his MBA, before Catherine earned hers. She was on the Gatorade account at Quaker Oats. He was at McKinsey and Company, consulting for Gatorade. "I was checking out business schools and was discouraged by the competitive and unfriendly atmosphere of many," she recalls. "In contrast, Kellogg appealed to me on the strength of Gary's business school friendships. There was such a close camaraderie."

Their time at Kellogg was separated by five years — "convenient for reunions," Catherine quips. While Gary was involved in Special K and Catherine delved into Women in Leadership, both focused their studies on marketing.

After earning his MBA, Gary joined McKinsey and Company and later returned to Pepsi. He led marketing efforts at IBM, eBay, PayPal, Google and in his current position as Facebook CMO.

After Kellogg, Catherine joined Marakon Consulting, moving to beverage marketing and brand management at Guinness and Motts Cadbury Schweppes. Today, she shares her marketing and philanthropic leadership skills with several civic organizations, including Kellogg's KAC and Annual Giving initiative, the Boys & Girls Club and at Dartmouth (her undergraduate alma mater), where she launched a women's philanthropy program.

In their corporate and civic leadership roles, both Gary and Catherine find themselves drawn to those who embrace Kellogg ideals. "Kellogg leaders are distinct — it's a combination of results-orientation and teamwork," explains Gary. Catherine concurs, "Kellogg alumni are courageous, but not bullheaded: high-impact and low ego. They are tuned in regardless of the other person's title."

It's these traits that make the Kellogg network so valuable. "Alumni really do enjoy helping one another," says Gary. "I've found that Kellogg grads bring fellow alumni on more often than graduates from other schools do." Catherine adds, "This network of smart and collaborative people is a tremendous resource no matter what career or life stage — moving to the next ladder rung or re-entering the workforce after raising children. There are always opportunities to get reinvigorated ... it's Kellogg for life."

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  • The MBA that I received at Kellogg was life-changing and I want to help fund projects and programs to help the next generation of Kellogg students.
    – Jenny Lee '01

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  • My success is in large part due to the launch pad of Kellogg. I feel a responsibility to create the same opportunity for others.
    – Bruce Spohler '86

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  • Kellogg is achieving a bold and strategic vision. Students, faculty and leadership are accomplishing extraordinary things, and I'm excited to be a part of that.
    – Edith Cooper '86

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  • For us, it's more about paying forward than giving back. We feel proud to invest in Kellogg's future; enabling it to claim its place among the world's top business schools.
    – Gary '89 and Catherine Briggs '94

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  • We give to support Kellogg Scholarships. I believe that diversity is the way to attract students of the highest caliber and character. Supporting Kellogg's financial aid initiatives make this happen.
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  • We have gained a lot of value through our experiences at the Center for Family Enterprise, and know other families have as well. We think it's important to continue that work.
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