Drew Everett and Jim Ethier

All in the family

Jim Ethier '66 and Drew Everett '08/'16 draw on their time at Kellogg to lead industry leader Bush Brothers & Company

Thanks to a conniving dog looking to steal the secret family recipe, Bush's Best Beans are an industry-leading canned-vegetables brand and a household staple in many homes.

But if you ask Jim Ethier and Drew Everett for the secret behind Bush Brothers & Company's continued success as a multigenerational family business, both will give you the same answer: Kellogg's Center for Family Enterprises (CFE).

"It has played a role in our development as a family and a family ownership group," says Everett, the company's current chairman and a fourth-generation member of the Bush family.

In fact, 43 Bush family members (and a few independent directors) have participated in some form of CFE-developed family business coursework, ranging from Executive Education classes to executive development programming.

Ethier, a former CEO and current chairman emeritus, received an MBA from Kellogg in 1966. "It's helped create an understanding throughout our family, with our [CEO] and our independent board members of what we were trying to do in terms of building a good governing process," Ethier says.

The coursework has also helped those fourthand fifth-generation family members develop the skill set to plan strategically, manage efficiently and lead a complex organization with many unique challenges.

Or, as third-generation member Ethier puts it, the coursework got them "all singing from the same hymnal."

"Kellogg has made a tremendous contribution to providing an education to the family as to why we are doing the things we are doing," Ethier says.

To that end, the company's gift will go toward a chaired professorship named after CFE co-director John Ward along with program development for the center. Ethier and Everett also thanked former co-director Lloyd Shefsky, academic director Ivan Lansberg and associate director Carol Zsolnay for their support.

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  • We have gained a lot of value through our experiences at the Center for Family Enterprise, and know other families have as well. We think it's important to continue that work.
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