Kellogg School of Management Full-Time MBA Admissions

  Professor Michelle Buck Director, Leadership Initiatives Program
Your time has come.  You have made the decision to move forward ­­– not only in your career, but in your pursuit of effective leadership.  Leadership may be a broad term, so what do we at Kellogg mean by leadership?

The Kellogg School of Management is committed to preparing global leaders who will not only serve as leaders of the world but for the world. Our commitment to inspiring the whole person is what has long set this school apart.

Embracing Kellogg’s heritage of focusing on teamwork, we work to inspire our students to launch new ideas, bring about change, and to transform the businesses and communities they will come to lead.  Kellogg believes this is best accomplished through collaboration and teamwork.  Leaders are people who are able to bring out the best that other people have to offer in a collaborative environment.  Leadership at Kellogg is not about single-handedly being the hero. It is about leaders who enable the best innovation to emerge through synergy and collaboration.

All Full- and Part-Time MBA students have an opportunity for tremendous leadership development through these initiatives, while the Executive MBA Program provides a different set of opportunities better suited to their current needs and aspirations.

The Leadership Initiatives program is the end-product of a two-year leadership task force, an answer to students who pondered their path.  What classes should I take?  What parts of me do I need to work on the most?  What will help my interpersonal skills?  What will help me to reach the status of CEO and still create value?  What must I learn in order to best work with community groups and people of various perspectives so that that I might inspire those whom I might oversee?

Through carefully designed assessment, feedback, planning, coaching, reflection, curriculum, activities and programs, the Kellogg School is committed to cultivating graduates who not only achieve success in their respective fields but who contribute significantly to the teams, organizations and communities in which they find themselves.  To assist you on your leadership development path, we have prepared your guide -- The Four Pillars.  May these pillars, the foundation of all that we do, support you and help to define the leader you will become.

This is an exciting time to be at Kellogg.  We are thrilled to have you join us on this journey.

Professor Michelle Buck
Director, Leadership Initiatives Program