A Note to the Kellogg Community On the Violence in Atlanta

(March 17, 2021)

Dear Kellogg Community, 
It is with deep regret and sadness that we reach out to you today regarding yesterday evening’s violence in Atlanta. We know that the facts of the event are still unfolding, but we know they are unfolding in an environment where we are seeing a rise in gender-based violence and violence against the Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. 
We want to reaffirm our unequivocal, steadfast support for the many AAPI individuals and women within our student body, staff and faculty. We also want to underscore the importance of allyship in times like these, and to encourage you to reach out to and support one another. Should you need added support, please don’t hesitate to make use of University support resources. Students, as always, are encouraged to reach out directly to their professors if they are experiencing difficulty and feel they need accommodation, particularly considering this stressful period in the quarter.  
These events reinforce the critical importance of the work we are doing to ensure Kellogg is a place where all members of our community are afforded dignity and feel a sense of safety, belonging and empowerment. This is of paramount importance to school leadership. We know that events like these transpiring outside of Kellogg influence how people show up at Kellogg. We encourage you to rally around each other and to bravely bring your best and full self every day. We all have power, ability and responsibility to make Kellogg a force for inclusion. 
Francesca Cornelli
Bernard B. Banks ‘08
Associate Dean for Leadership Development and Inclusion