Digital-Physical Convergence
Empowering Consumers
Through Technology

Disruption Track

Leveraging Technology to Create New Products & Markets

3D Printing is Revolutionizing Entrepreneurship

With the advent of 3D printing, the layperson is able to create physical products more easily than ever before by using a digital device. This means faster innovation and greater power for the consumer, but it also means significant disruption of traditional manufacturing models. This panel will explore how this technology is democratizing manufacturing through changes in product development, lifecycles, and the purchasing environment.

David Schnepp
Director of Business Development for Food Products, 3D Systems

Adrian Fanjoy
Technical Services Manager, Computer Aided Technology

Julie Friedman Steele
Founder of 3D Printer Experience

Digital Payments, Digital Currency?

Digital payments, having succeeded at bridging the gap between online transactions and the underpinning payments infrastructure, are poised to thrive in the all-digital, mobile era. Now Bitcoin arrives with a promise to truly revolutionize this scene by eliminating transaction fees and providing anonymity in a self-governed environment. This panel will explore whether we should be expecting more of an increasing evolution, or rather a full-scale revolution in the payments landscape.

Yumi Clark
Director Product Management, Payments and Commerce Solutions at Intuit

Amol Patel
Senior Director, Mobile at PayPal

David Ripley
Co-founder and CEO of Glidera

Ning Wang
Director/Head of BD, North America at

Connection Track

Using Technology to Alter Daily Life

Smarter Homes, Smarter Lives

From smart phones and smart TVs to smart thermostats, smart locks and even smart toilets, consumers are using technology to connect all aspects of their lives. But does this necessarily translate into added convenience and transparency? This panel will explore how far users can go before they open their homes to invasion and if a myriad of interconnections within the home make it vulnerable to malware, unauthorized surveillance and much more.

Cory Sorice
Strategic Business Unit Leader, Connected Products, The Chamberlain Group, Inc.

Christopher DeSchamp
Schlage Smart Home Portfolio Leader, Allegion plc

Brian Gratch
Founder of Sixteen30

The Evolution of Wearable Tech

It seems that everywhere we turn, digital devices are helping to make life simpler. Wearable technology that was recently only used by pro-active millennials, is now being developed for babies and human resource management. It adds value to consumers by logging movements, schedules, and even biometric parameters without intervention. This panel will explore how companies are applying gamification to human behaviors to improve health, efficiency, and lives overall.

Rob DeMento
CEO, Mira Fitness

Jonathan Ozeran
VP of Product at Zest Health

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