As a marketer in today’s world, there are new and exciting challenges pushing the limits of a marketer’s skill set - and a myriad of ways to apply these skills to create, innovate, and execute. Most importantly, we believe that by looking forward to the future of marketing, conference participants will be best prepared for the changing landscape ahead.

As various major publications have mentioned, there are several key themes emerging for the marketers of tomorrow:

  • Blue Ocean Strategies: The importance of creating new categories

  • Maintaining Relevance: Bringing back the relevance of brands that have faced challenges

  • Calculated Risk: Leveraging data and analytics to push the frontier

  • Measuring ROI: Learning how to measure success when no benchmarks exist

  • Crowdsourcing: The importance of meeting shifting customer demands

  • Market Responsibility: Using the power of your voice responsibly

The 2015 theme Marketing Outliers: Growing Outside the Comfort Zone describes the actions one must take to address the trends listed above. Keynotes and panels will explore this changing landscape and provide insights on some of the most exciting and emerging topics in marketing. All students at Kellogg will touch marketing at some point in their career, and we believe the diversity of viewpoints that will be presented will resonate with the student body population. With a full day of programming, the 2015 conference promises to once again be one of the country’s premier events for marketers.

Please contact the leadership team of the conference at marketingconference@kellogg.northwestern.edu for further questions or inquiries.

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