International Teachers Program
2010 - 2011

Developing global leaders in a culture of innovation and collaboration


The ITP Overview


Business education requires the ability to blend theory and practice in an engaging manner. As educators, our challenge is to help students develop broad, holistic frameworks for analyzing business, while each one of us focuses on going deep into our area of expertise. We want our students to learn integrative thinking while we teach them functional topics in depth. To be successful in this effort, business educators need to develop a unique set of skills and capabilities.

The International Teachers Program is an intensive faculty-development program dedicated to helping business educators develop suitable skills and capabilities to be successful in their careers. The program benefits from the participation of a diverse group of top-notch teachers and professionals from around the world who not only have a passion for teaching business topics but also a passion for teaching how to teach. They form a unique faculty whose objective is to provide Program participants with ideas, suggestions and techniques to improve their skills and the way they teach and interact with students and executives. The program also provides several opportunities for participants to exchange ideas and learn from each other.

Improving Skills

A complete business instructor must be able to manage a wide range of elements:

1. Integration of Content: ensuring that the material being taught integrates with other areas that students are learning and provides a holistic framework they can bring to business.

2. Tools and Techniques: leading case discussion, the use of simulations and the interaction between teaching and media.

3. Different Contexts: undergraduate, MBAs, executives, and large audiences must be approached with different styles even if the topic is the same.

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July 4-11, 2010

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July 3-10, 2011
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