Richard Honack
Richard Honack

Adjunct Professor of Executive Education

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Richard P. Honack is an award winning professor, international speaker and consultant on the topics of managing generational differences, cultural trends and realities, marketing, strategic leadership and services marketing and management.

Honack’s research and teaching focuses on generational marketing and management in the “Nanosecond Culture.”  His lectures emphasize the need to understand the changing values and dynamics of the six-generations that makeup that culture in today’s marketplace—Great Generation, Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Gen “X”, Gen “Y” and now Generation “Z”. He discusses the impact that these generational differences, and technology, make in the marketing of services and products as well as the importance of the different expectations that each of these groups have on management within an organization.

He is an Academic Director and faculty member in several Executive Education programs, including Strategic Marketing Communications and programs for Brazilian Executives through Kellogg’s partner school Fundacao dom Cabral (Belo Horizonte, Brazil.)  These include and the Skills, Tools, and Competencies (STC) program as well as custom programs for Brazilian clients like Cyrela Real Estate, FMC and Sicredi.

He also teaches in the Executive Development Program (EDP), Kellogg on Marketing (KOM) and several other Kellogg open enrollment and custom programs, where his sessions focus on Understanding Generational Differences, Leading and Marketing in the Nanosecond Culture and Services Marketing and Management.

Honack is a faculty member for the Kellogg Center for Nonprofit Management where he teaches in programs focused on Strategic Leadership for Nonprofits and Fundraising and Marketing.  He is a faculty member for  the Center’s Custom Programs teaching and consulting organizations like Ronald McDonald House Charities, the United States Olympic Committee, USA Swimming and the Harris Bank’s nonprofit leadership program, to name a few.

From 1997 to 2010 he taught the following courses in Kellogg’s MBA programs: Services Marketing and Management; Nonprofit Management, Marketing and Fundraising. In 2008 he developed a Sports Marketing and Management course for Kellogg.  In March 2010 students selected Honack as one of five Kellogg professors to receive a school wide “Faculty Impact Award” for his teaching.

Honack taught Global Initiatives in Management (GIM) for more than 12 years. He started teaching GIM in 1997 and from 2002 thorough 2009 did so in the Kellogg Executive MBA Program focusing on “Doing Business in China.”  He was voted by EMP 59 as the "Outstanding Professor for Electives" for 2003-2005.

He is a world renowned speaker and consults companies, non-profit organizations and associations about developing sound strategic marketing plans and practices, as well as doing business within other countries and cultures. He regularly speaks at seminars and conferences on the topics of the ‘nanosecond’ culture, generational differences, strategic leadership, services marketing, customer service and management, branding, and creative thinking that makes change happen.

Honack was the editorial director of “Wide Awake in the Windy City” a book written by Matt Golosinski, “Celebrating a century of excellence at NU’s Kellogg School of Management, 1908-2008.”

Prior to becoming a full-time faculty member in July 2008, Honack was Assistant Dean and Chief Marketing Officer for the Kellogg School and an associate adjunct professor of marketing. 

Before joining NU and the Kellogg School staff in 1995, Honack had more than 20 years of award winning experience in the media business, holding positions in marketing, general management, strategic planning and editorial primarily at the Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune.

Honack is a former U.S. Army Captain and a former civilian advisory board member to the Chief of Public Affairs, USAR.  He has a Kellogg MBA and B.S. Degree in Journalism Education from Indiana University.

Areas of Expertise
Cultural Trends and Realities
Generational Marketing
Nonprofit Marketing
Services Marketing and Management
Sports Marketing
Strategic Leadership

Print Vita
MBA, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
BS, Journalism, Indiana University

Honors and Awards
Executive MBA Program Outstanding Teaching Awards, Kellogg School of Management, 2005

Print Research
Research Interests
Generational marketing and leadership Nanosecond culture Services Marketing Sports Marketing and Management

Honack, Richard and Sachin Waikar. 2009. Growing Big While Staying Small: Starbucks Harvests International Growth. Case 5-309-503 (KEL447).

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Teaching Interests
Managing across generations Services Marketing and Mangement Sports Marketing and Management Marketing for Nonprofit organizations Strategic Leadership for Nonprofit organizations Global Initiatives in Management Marketing in the "Nanosecond Culture"
Executive Education

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