Recruiting at Kellogg

There are two primary ways companies recruit talent at Kellogg: through the Kellogg Job Board and via on-campus recruiting. Reviewing the options below will help you determine the best approach for your company. If you have further questions, your Industry Relationship Manager can offer valuable insight into which options would be most effective based your industry and position.

On-Campus Recruiting
Many companies choose to come to Kellogg to interview groups of students in one session. On-campus recruiting for full-time (second-year students) opportunities occurs for five weeks in the fall. On-campus recruiting for internships (first-year students) also runs five weeks and begins in January. Reservations for on-campus recruiting begin in May of each year.

Kellogg Job Board/Post a Job

Post an internship, full time opportunity or contract work for U.S. and international opportunities on our free posting board. The Kellogg Job Board is available to more than 1,200 active students and 50,000 alumni throughout the world. It is a cost-efficient way to reach the Kellogg network.

Companies choose to post on the Kellogg Job Board for a variety of reasons:

  • to reach experienced alumni
  • in response to a company need for “just in time” hiring
  • as a means of gauging MBA interest in their company or position
  • when travelling to Kellogg for interviews is not feasible (start ups or international opportunities)
  • unpredictable hiring needs

Secondary Methods of Reaching Kellogg Student/Alums

Kellogg LinkedIn Community
We encourage our students and alumni to use LinkedIn. Our Kellogg LinkedIn community is growing every day.

Resume Database
The Kellogg Resume Database(s) allow access to resumes of current Kellogg students and alumni.  It is searchable by various student preferences including function, industry and location.