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These guidelines are in place to ensure that KSA-sponsored clubs serve the well-being of the student body and make effective use of KSA funds. To qualify for KSA sponsorship and funding, all clubs must abide by these guidelines. Co-chairs are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the guidelines. All club membership information and KSA funded activities must be open and advertised to the entire student body.

Membership. Club chairs will be responsible for keeping a roster of active club members. This list will be owned by the KSA and will be made available to the KSA upon request. Under no circumstances will the contents of club membership lists be sold to an outside party.

Meetings. At a minimum, all clubs will be expected to hold at least one meeting or event each quarter. In addition, one officer or representative from each club will attend all KSA Club Co-Chair meetings held to discuss information relevant to all clubs.

Social events. The KSA VP of Social and Cultural must approve all KSA-funded social events at least two weeks in advance of the event. Please publicize events on the Serial and in designated areas for posters (see Communications Guidelines) and make events open to all members of the Kellogg community. Social events at which alcohol is served must also offer an equally appealing, nonalcoholic beverage in ample quantities.

Web page. All clubs are responsible for maintaining their club's web page. Your web page should contain current information and be updated at least once a year, when new officers are named. Failure to do so will result in withholding of funds. Club sites should not use banner ads, or any other click thrus, as a means for generating funds for the club or an outside vendor. Kellogg is a non-profit organization - so is your club!

Alumni relations. If alumni are attending your event, you must appoint one co-chair to be responsible for alumni hospitality and contact Paula Trail or Jim Corboy.

Corporate relations. Clubs must coordinate all plans to solicit corporate donations or speakers with Jennifer Johnson in the Corporate Relations office. Jennifer should be consulted prior to any contact with any company. She will manage these efforts so that Kellogg's requests to major corporations and local businesses are coordinated appropriately.

Career-related events. Report any club activities that relate to job search, job placement, or career planning to the Career Management Center at least one month prior to the event. This step will enable the CMC to assist clubs in their efforts and will avoid date conflicts with CMC events. The CMC has a representative for each student club:

  • Roxanne Hori - Entrepreneur/Venture Capital, Entertainment & Media Business Association, Gay & Lesbian Management Association, Human Resources, Sports Business Club, and Students for Responsible Business.
  • T.B.A.- MMM Contact, all Manufacturing (except for high tech and healthcare), Marketing, Retail, General Management.
  • Carla Edelston - JD/MBA contact, international contact (includes all of the international clubs), Consulting, Healthcare/Biotech, and Women's Business Association.
  • Dave Gent - High Tech Club (includes High Tech Forum in California), Investment Banking, Finance, Investment Management, Sales, Trading and Research Clubs, Social Impact, Education Innovation.
  • Julie Grieve - Real Estate, Transportation, Energy, Black Management Association, Hispanic Business Association, and Native American Management Association.

Elections. Annual elections for all club chairs should be held by week 5 of the spring quarter. The current club officers determine the exact dates and procedures of the election. Elections should be confined to club members only, rather than the student body as a whole, and all registered club members must be given the opportunity to vote. Election results, specifying the names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and titles, must be submitted to the KSA's VP of Finance and Business Development by week 5 of the spring quarter.

Use of class time. While an integral part of the Kellogg experience, extracurricular activities should be just that - outside the classroom. No club solicitation (e.g., election activity, passing a petition to start a new club) should take place during class time.

Inactive clubs. Clubs that have been inactive during the academic year will be terminated at the beginning of the spring quarter. Inactive is defined as not submitting a KSA budget request or having held no activities during fall or winter quarters. To be reactivated, the club will have to go through the standard new club approval process.

Failure to abide by guidelines can result in revocation of the club budget and / or dissolution of the club.



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