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Student Conference Policies

2 month review process

Every Kellogg conference’s progress will be subject to review two months prior to the conference.  If needed, a meeting will be held with the conference leaders to discuss the status of the conference.  This review will look specifically at confirmed speakers, current implementation of the marketing plan, and the probability of the overall success of the conference.   The Kellogg Administration reserves the right to cancel a conference based on, but not limited to: an Honor Code violation, disregard of Conference procedures, or failure to meet the two month review process milestones (see below).  Additionally, if you are interested in soliciting additional funding outside of the $25,000 provided by Kellogg, you must work with the procedures established by the Corporate Relations team.

The following criteria will be expected to be met two months out:

  1. All keynote speakers confirmed
  2. 75% of panelists and moderators confirmed
  3. Finalize Save-the-date
  4. Registration built with Student Affairs and ready to link to website
  5. Website updated with speaker info, sponsor logos and agenda


Kellogg Reimbursement Policy for Conference Volunteer Meetings

Conference co-chairs are encouraged to have regular planning meetings with conference leaders and volunteers at Kellogg.  We are happy to support such meetings with light refreshments.  Expenses for limited amounts of food and non-alcoholic beverages either purchased at or delivered to Kellogg for these meetings are approved expenses and will be reimbursed from the conference account ($1,000 limit).  Please also be aware that any gathering that involves dining outside of Kellogg will not be an approved conference expense.  Any such expenditure will not be reimbursed nor payment for any such invoices approved. 


Travel/Hosting Policy

As a good host to our speakers, we provide one (1) night stay in a local Evanston Hotel.  Please note that we will provide two (2) nights for our international guests.  Additionally, we will pay for transportation to and from the airport as well as host them for a dinner the evening before the conference.  Additionally, if they request, we are able to pay for an economy class flight to Chicago.