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Sample all sponsor banner (.pdf)
Sample Platinum sponsors banner-Horizontal (for Allen Center conferences) (.pdf)
Sample Platinum sponsors banner-Vertical (for Jacobs or off-campus conferences that do not permit hanging signs) (.pdf)
Media release (.doc)
Save the date card (.pdf)
Alumni Query Request Form (.doc)
Conference welcome letter (.doc)
Sample letter from Dean for Day of Conference Packet (.doc)
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Tips for Conference Marketing

Tips for Conference Marketing
The marketing co-chair is responsible for overseeing the marketing for the conference internally and externally, in both print and on the web.  He or she will work closely with the speaker and sponsor co-chair and towards the end of the planning process, with the logistics co-chair. Templates:

  1. “One-Pager”
  2. Conference Blurb
  3. Sponsor Banner
  4. Media Release
  5. Save the Date Card
  6. Alumni Query Request Form
  7. Conference Welcome Letter

Once your conference is approved

  1. Determine if you are using KelloggGroups or an alternative Kellogg-hosted website.  Please let the Special Events (SE) Coordinator know so you can be provided with proper access.
  2. Develop a Conference Blurb (attachment) (one paragraph summary).  This will be used for the Kellogg conference website and the mailing of the all conference brochure.  This brochure is placed in all student mailboxes (FT, PT, EMBA), and is sent to over 15,000 alumni within the United States. This will also be used in Corporate Partnerships (CP) sponsorship marketing pieces.
  3. Develop a Conference “One-Pager” (.pdf) (one page summary) to use as a marketing tool for speaker and sponsor solicitations.  This should give a brief description of your conference theme, history and highlight previous year’s success. 

Name & Logo Use
All marketing materials must be approved by the SE Coordinator, your CP contact, and Marketing and Communications (MarComm) before going to print, to ensure Kellogg policies and procedures are being followed and sponsor benefits are being met.  These marketing items include but are not limited to: website, save the date cards, brochures, posters, banners, t-shirts, and email announcements.  Please make sure the entire team is familiar with this policy.

  • Kellogg Name Use - In printed materials, please refer to the conference formally.  i.e.“The Kellogg School of Management’s Real Estate Conference” or “The Marketing Conference at The Kellogg School of Management”
  • Kellogg Logo Use - Include the KSM and NU logo on all marketing materials. As with any organization, Kellogg has guidelines for use of the school’s logo. Visit for logo guidelines and use.
  • Do not use the word “annual” on any conference communications or materials. It is not guaranteed that conferences will happen every year, as they go through an approval process. As the alternative, some conferences use the word anniversary (it’s the 12th anniversary of the X conference”) or use nothing at all.
  • Sponsor Logo Use - When placing sponsor logos, please list logos in alphabetical order within each sponsorship level.  Additionally, the logos should be sized by level; platinum logos should be larger than gold, and gold larger than silver.  Please refer to this sample as a guideline. (.pdf)  Please work with the sponsorship chair/CP contact to ensure that sponsorship benefits are followed through within promised marketing materials. Make sure to obtain .eps/high resolution logo files from sponsors.

The Kellogg School has guidelines for interaction with the news media. The media relations office at Kellogg must first approve all public relations/media relations activities. Kellogg does not guarantee media coverage for any speakers.
Press Inquiries and Pitching Media - All press inquiries need to be directed to Kellogg Media Relations Office, Jeffrey Brennan. This allows the Media Relations staff to ensure that the request is handled appropriately.

  • Advertising (with the media) - Advertising of student conferences is not recommended due to the high cost associated with developing an effective, strategic advertising campaign.   

Photography / Videography

  • Photographer - If a photographer is requested, MarComm will assist in securing a photographer for the conference.  The photographer will be scheduled for two consecutive hours at a cost of approximately $450 and MarComm will decide what speakers they would like to capture.  If you are interested in having more of the conference photographed, we suggest assigning a student.    
  • Kellogg videographer - If a videographer is requested, work with KIS and MarComm to schedule the videographer for the keynote speaker sessions.  Please be aware that they must provide us their permission by signing off on the media release.  (.doc) at least 48 hours prior to the event.

Print Communication Marketing
Save the Date Cards.  (.pdf) Typically conferences send one printed marketing piece to alumni, past attendees and interested parties providing details on the conference.   The SE Coordinator can provide samples. The piece should include: general conference information, the date, location and a contact, Kellogg/Northwestern/sponsor logos, as well as the link to the conference registration page.

  • Contact a designer and printer (see preferred vendor list .doc) regarding layout, design, cost and deadlines for the project.
  • Save the dates are typically mailed two months prior to the conference to alumni, previous conference attendees and persons expressing interest in the conference.  The SE Coordinator will provide you with contact information of previous conference attendees as well as the persons expressing interest in your conference through the conference brochure mailer.
  • To submit a query for an alumni pull from the Kellogg Alumni Network, please complete the “Alumni Query Request Form” (.doc) and return it to your CP contact.  Please allow 5 business days for the list to be generated.  This list can be emailed directly to a printer.  Please be aware that due to school guidelines, we cannot provide email addresses of alumni for your marketing materials.
  • Your team may choose to email a digital save the date to students, past conference attendees, external contacts, and alumni who have elected to receive information about the conference.
  • Registration should be open before any conference materials are mailed.  This ensures that all interested attendees can go to the website and register upon receipt of the mailing. 


Day of Conference Marketing

  • Please work with the sponsorship co-chair, as logo placement on banners is a standard benefit of sponsorship. 
  • Typically, there is a general conference banner, an all sponsor banner, a platinum banner and a conference series sponsorship banner needed for each event.  The all sponsor banner is displayed in the registration area and the platinum and general banner are hung in the main auditorium. 
  • See inventory of banners used at previous year’s conference before ordering new ones.
  • Please consult the SE Coordinator for banner recommendations, examples from past conferences, and preferred vendor/timeline information.

Day of Packet/Booklet- Should include the following: (see the SE Coordinator for examples and further information on pricing and preferred vendor):             

  • Welcome letter from conference co-chair(s) or committee
  • Welcome letter from the Dean. (.doc)  (provided by CP to conference team 2 weeks before the conference.)
  • Table of contents
  • Agenda
  • Keynote speaker biographies
  • Panel descriptions with biographies of moderators and panelists
  • Sponsor promotional pages /logo recognition with the following specs:


Page Size (in)

Ad Size (in)

Notes for Sponsor

Full Ad

8.5 x 11

8 x 10.5

Ad design must be vertical

Half Ad

8.5 x 5.5

8 x 5

Ad design must be horizontal

Quarter Ad

4.25 x 5.5

3.75 x 5

Ad design must be vertical

Additional Ways to Market

  • Amount budgeted - Within the conference budget approximately $1,200 or $1 per student is allocated for internal marketing.  We encourage you to be creative.  Students have used this money for things such as raffles, mail box stuffers, and floor marketing pieces.
  • Email - Use existing Kellogg groups to market the conference, section emails, class emails, club newsletters, previous years GIM trip participants.
  • Part Time (PT) and EMBA Newsletters.  PT and EMBA students receive program updates through a bi-weekly e-newsletter.  If you are interested in submitting information, please send a 2-3 sentence blurb with a registration link to Alana Stegich (PT) and Timothy Allen (EMBA)

Raffle Procedures - If you choose to host a raffle, the following guidelines must be followed:

  • Entries must be contingent upon registration for the conference and may not be purchased separately.
  • Prizes must be items with values of $300 or less ($300 or more is considered school property and cannot be raffled)
  • Drawing should take place after the conference, from eligible entries of students who attended the conference.
  • Submit an email document to the SE Coordinator that outlines the entry rules and the manner in which the winner will be selected so that this documentation is on file.


  • Put your conference info in your email signature including the registration link. 
  • Identify City of Chicago resources/associations/companies to invite (ex: international embassies or professional organizations).
  • Reach out to other local business schools and their clubs.
  • Ask conference speakers and sponsors for names to be added to invitation list.

Send flyers to sponsoring companies and companies that have speakers presenting at the conference.      
Marketing Items to Order




Save the Date Postcard

Mailed 6-8 weeks prior to conference



Once registration opens

Can be printed in Jacobs print shop

Attendee Gifts

Finalize approved designs and order 4 weeks prior to conference

Order if budget allows for gifts

Volunteer T-Shirts

Finalize approved design and order from vendor 3 weeks prior to conference

Typically worn to promote during week of conference

Floor Marketing Piece

Finalize approved design and order from vendor 3 weeks prior to conference

Can be displayed on the Atrium steps for only 7 days leading up to the conference


Finalize approved designs and order 2 weeks prior to conference

Create 1 welcome banner, 1 platinum sponsor, and 1 all-sponsor banner

Conference Day-Of Program

Finalize approved design and order from printer 2 weeks prior to conference


Conference Day Marketing Logistics

  • Arrive at least 1 hour before registration starts to set-up.
  • Inform Kellogg Media Relations of any “surprise” press arrivals.
  • Hang signs and agendas on easels (as necessary): directions to panel rooms, restrooms, coatrooms, etc.
  • Coordinate with logistics chair to save and inventory any items (banners, name-tags, left over binders, etc.) that can be used for next year and have them delivered to SE Coordinator’s office for storage.  Throw away anything that is dated or has sponsor logos and cannot be reused.

Follow Up: Within two weeks after the conference   

  • Update the conference website with a thank-you to attendees and footage/pictures of the conference.
  • Turn in a final copy of all marketing materials used in association with the conference to the SE Coordinator and your CP contact, so that they can be a resource for future conference teams.
  • Provide any other feedback to SE Coordinator and create any notes/feedback for next year’s marketing committee and turn into conference over-all(s)/co-chair(s)
  • Please be aware that Dean Langewisch will send you a conference survey to gather your insight and feedback after the conference.