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Keeping Track

Each month the Kellogg SOFO Rep (Deborah Garcia) receives a monthly statement of SOFO (not GMA) funds which she will pass to the club Treasurer. A copy is kept in the Kellogg SOFO office.

The Club Treasurer is responsible for:

  • Reconciling monthly statement using Excel SOFO Account Register and voucher/receipt copies
  • Maintaining a file of account statements, checks and transactions for reference and passing this on to next Club Treasurer
  • Submitting Excel SOFO Account Register at the beginning of each quarter for quarterly reconciliation review

Monthly SOFO statement
A monthly statement detailing transactions during the previous month and the ending account balance is distributed to the Club Treasurers by the 10th of every month.

The monthly statement should be reconciled to the SOFO Account Register each month by the Club Treasurer.  If you find errors in the monthly statement, bring them to the Kellogg/SOFO Representative for investigation.  See the SOFO Statement Example.  Also see the key to the SOFO Statement's Comment Field.

Keeping an account register
At the beginning of the year, the Kellogg/SOFO Representative provides each Club Treasurer with an Excel Account Register file, soforgst.xls, to be used to keep track of the club account activity and the current account balance.  Every Club Treasurer should keep an account register of all transactions such as deposits, payments and money transfers.

See the account register example, SoforgstExample.xls.


last modified: 5/8/01
email GMA comments to: Mike Ginal
email SOFO comments to: Deborah Garcia