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Rules for GMA funding

How can we get funding?

1) SOFO Funds

  • Revenues generated by clubs through club events/ activities. These funds are organized and require approval from Deborah Garcia (847-467-3525).
  • All requests for SOFO reimbursements should be given to Deborah.

2) Corporate Sponsorship

  • Any attempt to solicit corporate funding must coordinated through Gina Chiasson in Kellogg's Corporate Relations office. Please contact Hwashing Heyworth for information on phone-a-thons.

3) GMA Funds

This money comes from the student dues collected before CIM week. Rules are developed to insure that the money is spent responsibly, on activities and events that benefit the student population.

  • All requests for GMA funding reimbursement should be put in Michael Haberkorn's mailbox.
  • No Illinois Sales Tax is reimbursable. Students should present the NU tax-exempt letter to the vendor.
  • No receipts will be reimbursed over 90 days old.
  • Only itemized receipts will be accepted.
  • Original receipts are required for reimbursement - no copies.
  • Club Treasurers are responsible for reconciling the club SOFO & GMA accounts.
  • Unused GMA funds revert to the GMA's general account at the end of each year.
  • GMA funds are not given in a lump sum - you need to submit invoices and receipts for each event.
  • All copying should be done through the Copy Center in the basement of Leverone - it is cheaper!!!
  • A limited amount of overflow funding is available for clubs that use their entire budgets on GMA-approved events and want to schedule an additional event. Clubs should contact the VP of Finance at least two weeks prior to the event for authorization.

What can the GMA funds be used for?

  • All GMA funds must be used for activities that benefit the student body. All activities must be made available to the whole student body. This can be accomplished through:
    • Posting the event on the Serial Calendar
    • Sending an e-mail out to the student body
    • Mailbox stuffer
    • Note that all students must have the opportunity to attend the event, if they are interested, but it is not required that they event or club be of interest to all students.
  • All clubs are eligible for social funds, but may receive no more than $200 per event a maximum of twice per year.
  • GMA will only fund one mailbox stuffing per quarter. Copying expenses in excess of $100 are considered excessive and will not be funded.
  • Copies that include handouts for the meeting itself and for regular administrative work.
  • GMA only funds receptions at events with outside speakers. This means that GMA Funding cannot be used for food or beverage for events that do not have outside speakers, for example initial meeting, summer job workshops with second-years). Professors and administrators are not considered outside speakers.
    Entry fees for tournaments and case competitions

What is not funded?

  • Fees, accommodations, meals, or transportation for speakers (NU rule - SOFO will not fund either).
    • Only a tangible or physical gift of reasonable value may be given.
  • No transportation expenses to and from events.
  • Resume books, should be at least a break-even effort.
  • Unreasonable copying expenses. Copying expenses in excess of $100 are considered excessive and will not be funded.
  • Poster board, tape, markers, and other supplies that is provided free in the Student Affairs Office.

Revised October 2002


last modified: 5/8/01
email GMA comments to: Mike Ginal
email SOFO comments to: Deborah Garcia