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Expose Kellogg students to professional and academic enrichment and development. Clubs such as the WBA and BMA are also included in this category. The roster of General Clubs is relatively stable from year to year, and these groups are expected to provide a continued tradition to the Kellogg student body

Because of their importance, General Clubs receive priority in the GMA funding process


Enhance the social and cultural environment at Kellogg by providing primarily social and recreational events that are less directly related to Kellogg's professional and academic purpose

Recreational Clubs are allocated GMA funds after allocations have been made to General Clubs


Provide an opportunity for Kellogg students to participate in organized athletics. Sports Clubs should be co-ed

Sports Clubs are allocated GMA funds after allocations have been made to General Clubs

Interest Groups

Groups that lack the broad appeal to be classified as a standard GMA club (e.g., fewer than 15 active members), but that serve to advance the professional, academic, or cultural needs of a small group of Kellogg students.

Interest groups will receive a $50 allocation from the GMA each year to cover administrative expenses and will be included in school wide club activities such as the CIM Week Club Fair.



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